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One of the best ways to ensure that stray dogs are treated in the manner prescribed by Indian laws, is to have effective monitoring of the ABC program. The problem always has been the opacity of the process of monitoring which is seen as the elitist preserve of bureaucrats, government officials and AWO’s running ABC programs etc. This changed through the amendment of the ABC rules, essentially allowing individuals and organizations engaged in animal welfare to participate and make it more effective. Steps you should take immediately in your city: Since the Municipal CommissionerRead More
For the stray dog Hell in Hyderabad, there’s also a Heaven there! For a GHMC, a Mission Saromayo! For a Hyderabad Mayor/CVO a Mr R. K. Roy! Mr Roy has lived with his 52 four legged friends dogs in West Marredpally, Secunderabad for many years.  His doors were always open to community dogs, distressed dogs and puppies brought  from all over the city. But they were always short of space. Today Mr R K Roy shifts to his  4 acre home made exclusively for dogs a little distance away from Hyderabad, which is open toRead More
A set of volunteers including Anshu from Hyderabad visited 3 GHMC pounds unannounced in early June 2011. What the team found was shocking. While GHMC Jeedimetla was a decent pound, covered and there was food and water for the animals, the pounds at GHMC Amberpet and GHMC Autonagar were a whole different story. This was observed:Read More
Some volunteers visited the GHMC Autonagar pound yesterday. It was essential to see the facility in the backdrop of a high level meeting on the condition of the pound due on 6th Sept 2011 in Hyderabad, and with the Mayor, GHMC officials as well as the CVO maintaining that all the reporting is incorrect and nothing is amiss! It can be clearly seen that in ‘preparation of the AWBI visit on 6th Sept, GHMC is dressing up the facility.  It was clear just from the fact that the entire staffRead More
These pictures are from GHMC Jeedimetla, GHMC Amberpet and GHMC Autonagar pounds taken in June & July of 2011 on several occasions. We could not verify the origin and date each picture (unlike the other articles by The Voice of Stray Dogs) – but we’re publishing since we think its important for people to know that the issue at the forefront wrt GHMC Autonagar is neither isolated nor being reported for the 1st time.Read More
  In a letter no. 24-18/11-12/AWB dated 10th June 2011 & addressed to Dr Srinivasalu (Founder & General Secretary of Animal Welfare Society – AWS) the Animal Welfare Boar of India (AWBI) highlighted that the AWS facility at Queens Road, Bangalore, despite sevaral assurances given by AWS to AWBI has not improved its performance. This letter came close at the heels of an inspection from an AWBI appointed team. The letter stated that:Read More
This is an account of inspection of AWS Queens Road facility in Bangalore. The volunteers were Rakesh Shukla, Kelly Johnson, Levin, Mansi Yalamalli & Jayasal. Detailed photo-record at the bottom of the report. Day 1:  Aug 27th, 2011 The team of volunteers arrived at 1100 AM on Sat, Aug 27th, 2011. We found the following Inside the AWS facility: All the doors were closed and no manager nor vet was around. All except 1 van had gone out to catch dogs for ABC – this van had a puncture andRead More
There have been repeated complaints from residents of the ARF’s Mahadevpura zone (see story on wards in this zone and other details) that stray dogs have been picked up for ABC and have not returned. These complaints are lodged in the complaint register. The people in charge of the camps are perplexed since they did not pick up dogs from the said areas and they do not have a record of the dogs being brought in for ABC of the said description(s) from the said area(s) on any dates nearby. TheRead More
On the morning of 23rd Aug 2011 Vijayadevi Mamidi, Kalyan and Shruti visited the GHMC Autonagar dog pound. This was as a follow up of their previous visit which had exposed the death trap that the GHMC Autonagar dog pound is < see previous article>. The reports of the present report, as well as the previous visit, have been shared with the Municipal Commissioner and the Mayor of Hyderabad. A notice was served by AWBI on the basis of  the previous , but little seems to have changed for allRead More