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The Voice of Stray Dogs visited the Action for Animal Rights (ARF) K R Puram ABC Center on 22nd August 2011. ARF is run by Dilip Bafna. The center catches and spays/neuters dogs in 12 wards in Bangalore. These are wards 25, 26, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 81, 82, 85 & 87. This visit was un-announced so no officials at the center, ARF management or BBMP knew of our arrival. The intention of the visit was to see one-day-in-the-life of an ARF ABC Center (earlier we’ve visited AWSRead More
Starving dogs are reduced to eating puppies at GHMC Autonagar dog pound Primary accounts from Hyderabad by Akshara M., Vijayadevi Mamidi (advocate & animal rights volunteer), Mrs Padmaja Bundla (President and Founder, Caring Hands for Animals). Pictures and videos taken here were taken surreptitiously on location since GHMC staff would not allow any pictures to be taken. Compiled by Rakesh Shukla for The Voice of Stray Dogs. Picture and video gallery at the bottom of the article. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has been in the news many times forRead More
Bagalakunte, Bangalore 11 Aug 2011 newspaper reports on 20 people bitten by dogs: The Voice of Stray Dogs called all the news desks reporting the story to check if they actually did any reporting and verified before publishing. It is clear that: None of the reporters actually went to the spot to verify any facts All have relied on BBMP ‘officials’ and/or Dr Piran. The no. of people ‘claimed’ bitten and/or named are 5 – but lead by Times of India – reports suggest 20 people being bitten! Dr PiranRead More
The entire book Chutki’s Experiences published both in English & Kannada is © Shamalatha Rao. Content and pictures here are used with permission. Read the book to understand why’s Chutki, the little stray puppy, is wondering why are dogs displaced and then blamed for all the dog-fights and human frights – when humans are responsible! Shamlatha Rao has put together an entire book as a play for children – and it is an outstanding effort because of the lucidity with which complex, including legal, issues are highlighted. She uses ‘speakingRead More
Press Release: The full text of the US team’s forensic report of death of Sandeep in New Yelahanka Town in Bangalore: investigation of Sandeep’s death bungled by both police and coroner; Cause of death likely humans, not animals. FULL INQUEST/JUDICIAL INQUIRY WARRANTED 5 August 2011 – Bangalore Glaring inconsistencies in official accounts and conclusions about the death of 2 ½ year old Sandeep on the night of 1 July in the Yelahanka New Town area of Bangalore led to investigation of the incident by an expert forensics team from theRead More
This is Part II of the report The inconvenient truth of Sandeep’s murder : Press, Politicians, Police & People blamed strays when all evidence is otherwise. You can read Part I of this report here Soon after the incident on 2 July and then again on 7 July our team visited the location of the crime in New Yelahanka Town incident. The overall findings were revealing since they pointed to facts found to be contrary to a lot that was published immediately after the crime.   Before coming to the investigation itRead More
The Voice of Stray Dogs report on the case Sandeep’s murder and subsequent reporting. On the night of 31 June and 1 July a small boy went missing in New Yelahanka Town in Bangalore, and was later found dead. As unfortunate as this was, the subsequent actions of the press, the police and the political leadership of Bangalore was even more unfortunate. Each party here has failed to discharge their basic duty – which was to investigate what really happened and take corrective action. In this multi-part series we’ll seeRead More
This is an ode to Mansi Yalamalli’s dog Jerry. Jerry is an Indian Dog who Mansi brought home about a month back, when he’d already spent a few weeks trying to survive at a vet’s. He was brought to the vet after being caught in a dog attack and he was severely injured. Mansi brought her home – but stayed paralysed down his waist. Mansi, the good doctor she is, mothered over him stiching him diapers and massaging his stomach so he could relieve himself. An X-ray and an MRIRead More
Investigation by Levin, Suhas Jayashankara Somayaji & Kelly Johnson carried out from April 2011 through July 2011. Report by Rakesh Shukla. All photo’s and footage are original. Animal Welfare Society (AWS) is a Hyderabad based NGO and has Dr.Srinivasulu as its chairperson. AWS joined the ABC project in October 2010 as the BBMP wanted to involve more teams to achieve the target number of surgeries. AWS methods have been highlighted and questioned at several fora including of gross neglect and unlawful and illegal behavior from time to time, including toRead More
Written by Persis Master for The Voice of Stray Dogs You cannot change the world by saving one dog, but for that one dog you can change the world ? ? ? You’re driving your car when you see a dog on the side of the road. With a sinking feeling, you realize he’s alone. What should you do?  How do you help? This is a wrenching scenario for all who care about animals. Once you’ve seen the dog (or cat or even rabbit), many feel it’s too late toRead More