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A well run ARF ABC Center at K R Puram: visit on 22 Aug 2011

ARF K R Puram (Bangalore) ABC camp

The Voice of Stray Dogs visited the Action for Animal Rights (ARF) K R Puram ABC Center on 22nd August 2011. ARF is run by Dilip Bafna. The center catches and spays/neuters dogs in 12 wards in Bangalore. These are wards 25, 26, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 81, 82, 85 & 87.

This visit was un-announced so no officials at the center, ARF management or BBMP knew of our arrival. The intention of the visit was to see one-day-in-the-life of an ARF ABC Center (earlier we’ve visited AWS and Sarvodaya Sambhavi Sansthan ABC Centers) and to ensure that the observation was not ‘stage managed’.

When we reached there were no dogs, since the dog van(s) had not come back. But we could see the preparation at the center – the holding area for the dogs was clean, the medicines, IV’s & surgery material was prepared and waiting. The location looks like a small house – but has adequate ventilation on all sides. The building itself and the equipment looks a little unkempt but it was clean nevertheless. We could therefore observe the dogs coming and accounted for as well.

The vets on duty were Ms Dhanya, Ms Anju and Mr. Biju Prasad. The overall in charge was Mr. Prakash. The vets, the administration team and the workers were all very forthcoming and helpful. It clearly built the impression that they were not trying to hide anything including their operational preparedness.

The operation for the day was observed for the following: (1) Cleanliness (2) Handling of dogs (3) Tagging (4) Pre-surgery preparation (shaving, clipping ear) & (5) Surgery. The following were noted:

  1. Overall hygiene: Overall cleanliness was acceptable and the facility and hygiene were maintained well.
    • Improvement suggestion: Replace the tables of the shaving and ear clipping area. Both tables are rusty. The area should be maintained aseptic, which is not possible using such old tables.
  2. Handling of dogs: Dogs were handled well. When was weighing, tagging and bringing out dogs to the holding area they were treated well. In a few cases when limbs were sticking out due to torn nets, the staff, on being asked, was mindful of putting the limbs back to prevent any injury.
    • Improvement suggestion: 23 dogs were unloaded from 1 van, which looked like a little too much for the small van. The van has 2 tiers for the dogs, the catchers however maintained that there is enough space. It’s already a traumatic experience for dogs, it would be wise to give them a little more space.
  3. Tagging: Tagging of the dogs very efficient, driver’s sheet was filled out completely. No mistakes where made in tagging or accounting for dogs.
  4. Pre-surgery:  Shaving procedure was efficient and acceptable.
    • Improvement suggestion: The clipping ear instrument and cauterizing instrument could be replaced.
    • Dogs were tagged when shaved with a blue nylon collar. The staff confirmed that the collars are used for adults and not for juveniles/pups.
  5. Surgery: Surgery was acceptable, quick and hygienic. The vets clearly did the surgery efficiently.

Overall observation of the ABC procedure: Its an efficient operation at this center and we’d expect the good work to continue.

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