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Munna Hazarey VOSD Rescued Dog
The simplest way forward will be to approach the owner as a neighbor and concerned citizen. And offer to help with advice on living conditions, medical help, socialisation, etc. If approached directly, politely but firmly most people will both engage and give you access to the dog. That’s also the best way of assessing what’s really going on. We get many requests to help but the reporter does not want to be a part of the engagement — unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Even if a crime if beingRead More
Tick Fever Treatment | VOSD Blog

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Tick Fever Treatment

Tick fever is a broad, generic term that identifies a group of diseases. This group includes Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, babesiosis and ehrlichiosis. The most common tick fever in India is Canine Babesiosis and that is what is being described in this article. Babesia Canis and Babesia Gibsoni are the only two species known to infect dogs. Infection occurs when an infected tick bites a dog and releases the infection into the dog’s bloodstream. It is not necessary that the dog has an infestation a single tick willRead More
VOSD Dog Forum

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VOSD Forum is Live!

Discussion Forum We have been getting repeated requests from VOSD supporters to start an online forum where they could discuss about all dog related topics and also get expert advice from VOSD team. So we have now launched the VOSD Dog Forum!  It is Dog related Community to get  Peer advice on Behavior, Medicine, Transport & many other dog issues . Registration is FREE. Register today and start asking or answering questions put up by your peer circle of dog lovers! Let’s contribute to the discussions on VOSD Dog ForumRead More
VoSD writing on this publication is seldom about personal statements made for us, except in exceptional cases where the falsity is hugely absurd and action reeks of outright vendetta – and with one purpose only ‘close VoSD’. This was the demand laid out by Sneha Maiyya in police station in front of several of my colleagues and police officers – complaint will be withdrawn if VoSD is closed down immediately! The irony is that none of the people and parties that wish that for VoSD provide any credible rescue serviceRead More

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The Force of Falsity, by Amit Chaudhery

Outlook published ‘Prime Cuts’ with the byline ‘An air thick with innuendo and contempt produces a new stigma: meat-eating’. Amit Chaudhery wrote a rebuttal that Outlook refused to publish. It is published on ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ in its entirety.   “You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity” — Ralph Waldo Emerson Perspective is everything and reality is the servant of perception. A simple premise which spawned this rebuttal to the cover story by Saba Naqvi  inRead More
Sexual Abuse of Street Dogs in India: An analysis of the phenomenon, the law, 1st hand accounts & press reporting *** The full report can be seen and downloaded here ***. This is the 1st ever look in India of Sexual Abuse of defenseless street dogs, including: Prevalence of Sexual Abuse Scale of abuse Law(s) that provide protection for dogs Table of Contents of Sexual Abuse of Street Dogs in India Animal Sexual Abuse Prevalence of Bestiality today Consent & Coercion in Animal Sexual Abuse Isn’t this an individual’s Private Sexual choice? WhoRead More
VoSD’s SOP is clear that we will NOT allow any casual visitors to our facilities – only registered volunteers and employees are allowed. The people who have the most problem with this it are a section of Bangalore ‘activists’ working for a couple of NGOs and their sympathizers and the spammers working for them that has been referred to in an earlier post (picked up by the trashy yellow journalist and editor of Bangalore Mirror). These guys have the option of registering – but will not. We are on recordRead More
The text describes the rescue of  cattle by People for Animal Welfare Services (PAWS), Thrissur, Kerala being illegally transported. Kerala and West Bengal allow the slaughter of cattle (which for the rest of India its not allowed but prevalent). Prior published reading on VoSD on illegal cattle transport and slaughter here Credits & references Pictures: Kannan Anchery & Preethi Sreevalsan (PAWS Thrissur). Text: Sally Kannan (PAWS Thrissur). The police complaint by PAWS Thrissur can be seen here On Oct 8, 2014 we stopped yet another truck transporting cattle for slaughter. We have stopped soRead More
The text describes the the rescue of 31 cattle by People For Cattle India (PFCI) in Perumanallur (Tirupur District), Tamilnadu.  The article is terribly important for 3 reasons:  Unlike in most such cases the cattle were not released by police order etc. They stay rescued. PFCI makes an aggressive & legally sound complaint that enforces an FIR and therefore the matter is not just for the police to decide but the courts. The cattle as from so many parts of AndhraPradesh, Tamilnadu & Karnataka were being smuggled into Kerala forRead More
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