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GHMC Jeedimetla, GHMC Amberpet and GHMC Autonagar pounds have perfected abuse over time

Waiting to die at a GHMC pound

These pictures are from GHMC Jeedimetla, GHMC Amberpet and GHMC Autonagar pounds taken in June & July of 2011 on several occasions. We could not verify the origin and date each picture (unlike the other articles by The Voice of Stray Dogs) – but we’re publishing since we think its important for people to know that the issue at the forefront wrt GHMC Autonagar is neither isolated nor being reported for the 1st time.

Monkeys were kept in the GHMC Jeedimetla & GHMC Amberpet pounds. Dogs at the GHMC Autonagar pound even though the dogs were kept in the other pounds as well.

GHMC reportedly had a policy of freeing 500 monkeys at one go, which never happened since the monkeys would die of starvation. Deloitte Hyderabad and CHF had visited the sites on  10th June 2011, as part part of Deliotte ‘Impact Day’. The pictures from that visit can be see here. Presently there are no monkeys as they were released by GHMC sometime back.