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Armchair journalism from the Times of India (20 dog bites), DNA (20), Deccan Herald (5), MidDay (5). Not one reporter verified facts

Bagalakunte, Bangalore 11 Aug 2011 newspaper reports on 20 people bitten by dogs: The Voice of Stray Dogs called all the news desks reporting the story to check if they actually did any reporting and verified before publishing. It is clear that:

  • None of the reporters actually went to the spot to verify any facts
  • All have relied on BBMP ‘officials’ and/or Dr Piran.
  • The no. of people ‘claimed’ bitten and/or named are 5 – but lead by Times of India – reports suggest 20 people being bitten!
  • Dr Piran is misquoted then he should be taking this up with the editors of MidDay since this quote is on the wrong side of the law

This is the analysis of actual information gathered by “The Voice of Stray Dogs” by calling back the news-desks!

  1. DNA/ reporter did not give name in the story and refuses to give name to us/ Story: Quotes 20 people as bitten; names only 3: Ravi Teja (3, m), Prajwal (5, m), Rathnamma (40, f)
    • Investigator 1: Reporter insists he went to spot, has talked in person to residents and BBMP officers.
    • Investigator 2: Reporter said its none of anyone’s business and disconnected the phone
  2. TOI/ Sunita/ Story: Quotes 20 residents bitten. Names none.
    • Investigator 1: Info came from BBMP office, not directly Piran.
    • Investigator 2: Sunita confirmed the information was not verified. Said she had given the name of 2 people attacked in the story filed obtained on phone from BBMP
  3. Deccan Herald/ Manju Sainath/ Story: Quotes 5 people as bitten: Avinash (12, m) Prajwal (5, m), Ravi Teja (3, m), Rathnamma (40, f), Shivaramiah (55, m)
    • Investigator 1: He couldn’t go there because it’s too far and he got the information from Piran personally.
    • Investigator 2: Got the information from Piran personally. There were 20 dogs rounded up and 5 people
  4. Midday/ Yacoob Mohammad/ Story: victims named as – un-named 3 year old child & Rathnamma; resident is quoted that same dog had bitten 5 other people (not substantiated); Dr Piran is quoted as saying “… if any dogs are found to have rabies, they will be put to sleep”
    • Investigator 2: Got the information from ‘localites’. Had quoted 2 people attacked – the names were removed from the story. Piran was not on record as quoted.



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