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Chutki’s Experiences on The Voice of Stray Dogs

The entire book Chutki’s Experiences published both in English & Kannada is © Shamalatha Rao. Content and pictures here are used with permission. Read the book to understand why’s Chutki, the little stray puppy, is wondering why are dogs displaced and then blamed for all the dog-fights and human frights – when humans are responsible!

Chutki's Experiences by Shamalatha Rao

Shamlatha Rao has put together an entire book as a play for children – and it is an outstanding effort because of the lucidity with which complex, including legal, issues are highlighted. She uses ‘speaking animals’, who narrate their plight in the hands of insensitive humans and appeals for empathy.

In addition to the narrative, each page gives references in the footnote to the existing Animal Protection Rules like the ABC Rules (2001), PCA Act (1960), Wild Life Protection Act (1972), Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Pack animal Rules (1965). There are answers in an FAQ form and useful tips on how to behave with and help the street dogs and other animals.

English copies are available for INR 60 – which goes towards ABC programs – and Kannada copies (for free distribution in schools). These can be ordered on Chutki’s website from India or the US.


Chutki is running away from the dog-catcher who is bent upon catching her. She manages to have a word or two with other animals whom she meets up with during her escapades. She meets a chained Pomeranian, an over loaded bullock, a cow near a garbage bin and sincerely sympathises with them and muses at the human ways of dealing inhumanely with animals. The mother and daughter, who want to adopt Chutki do not find her when they come back for her!
What happenend to Chutki then?  Does Chutki get adopted or not? Buy this wonderful book to help your children, and those in the neighborhood, understand stray dogs.
Be The Voice of The Stray Dog!

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