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This is a series of posts on Kashmir where getting a head-start into writing has been a nightmare since it seems a highly personalized polarized situation. So we’d refrained comment without any clear evidence in our hands. However now we’re in possession of a bunch of official documents – which we’re digitizing and putting out and asking the relevant questions that arise from them. As with the other writing on ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’, unless otherwise specified, the article is authored by Rakesh Shukla and expresses the opinion ofRead More
Sources of the text and pictures: Gadhimai Festival on Wikipedia, Enrico Fabian’s eyewitnes account of Gadhimai 2009, Richard Bull’s eyewitness account of Gadhimai 2009 Gadhimai Mela is considered the biggest single animal sacrifice on our planet. This centuries-old tradition is observed every five years in Gadhimai premises located in the village of Bariyapur of Bara District of Nepal near the border with India. In the 2009 ‘festival’ at between 250,000 – 500,000 animals were sacrificed. The next Gadhimai Mela will be in 2013! About 5 million people participate in theRead More
In Doddanekundi, in the South-East of Bangalore almost at the cities edge there is a large empty plot of land. This vast stretch of approx 160 acres is behind the Gourakshan-shala (cow preservation society) of  Doddanekundi. There is piles of cow dung burnt every day – the ‘waste’ from the cow society. The residents of this area include 3 huge camels – an unusual sight in Bangalore (its unusual all right on the roads of Bangalore, let alone as ‘wild’ animals) and dogs! All dogs are unsterilized. The dogs haveRead More
New Delhi, 13 March 2012: BBMP intervention application in the stray dog matters Supreme Court S.L.P. (Civil) No. 691 of 2009, rejected In January, 2009, the Animal Welfare Board of India, and 4 other parties has filed Special Leave Petitions against the Bombay High Court order passed in December, 2008, allowing the Municipal Commissioner to order the killing of “nuisance” dogs, even though the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, enacted under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, do not provide for any such “category” to be euthanized. (AsRead More
For this dog both the Municipal Corp & the AWO are cuss/**** words Dogs that undergo the ‘Animal Birth Control’ (ABC, spay and neuter) procedure as per the ABC (Dog Rules, 2001) were initially required by the Bangalore Municipal Corporation (BBMP) to have their ear clipped so they could be spotted. Then BBMP mandated that the Animal Welfare Organization (AWOs) clip both ears deeply so if the dog was ‘sleeping on one side’ it could still be clearly seen. Then they mandated that nylon chords/ tie be put around the neckRead More
3 Engineering grad students in Shimla ‘discover’ the Shimla dog pound on 8 March 2012 where about 20 dogs were seen living in deplorable conditions.  Watch the photo gallery here, watch the video here. Of the approximately 20 dogs at the pound, 1 was lying dead, and other one next to it was breathing its last. The pictures and the video (including the voice overlay) is as supplied by the student groups’ welfare organization ‘Pawsome’. Earlier, in 2010, the High Court of Himachal Pradesh had ruled that the ‘dog menace’Read More
This is a quick summary of the editorial thrust and construct of ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD). These were written down when we started and have been shared privately but its time make it available to anyone who cares. Since July 2011 we have been investigating and bringing you non/counter intuitive insights on the ABC program specifically in Bangalore, and news and analysis on issues pertaining to stray dogs from everywhere. While there has been some appreciation, there has also been sharp criticism of the role of VoSD. PersonalRead More
Jallikattu: An event of barbaric animal cruelty. Report – 1 by Prakash Sasha Jan 2012 Introduction: Various rules, regulations & law about Jallikattu were formed in the recent years.  Primary focus of all these governing rules, law etc was about regulating the arena were the bull faces the matadors. This report apart from discussing cruelty in the arena, brings to light some other key stages were unimaginable animal cruelty exits in Jallikattu and is ignored. Photos from three Jallikattu events (Avaniapuram 15th  Jan 2012,   Alanganallur 17th Jan 2012 and PalameduRead More
Report on Violations / Animal Abuse at Jallikattu – The South Indian Festival Of  Bull ‘Taming’ Events witnessed on: 15-01-2012 Avaniyapuram, District : Madurai;16-01-2012 Periyasuriyur, District : Trichi; 16-01-2012 Palamedu; District: Madurai;17-01-2012 Allanganalur,  District: Madurai Report Submitted to: The Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai Report Submitted by Manoj Oswal, Animal Welfare Officer (Hon), AWBI On  Jan 25, 2012                       While it is not possible to conduct animal sport like Jallikattu without causing trauma and cruelty to animals, itRead More
Read the draft of the writ prepared by Stray Dog Free Bangalore & Almitra Patel in the Supreme Court of India at New Delhi (extraordinary civil writ jurisdiction) civil writ petition of 2002. Read More