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Shimla’s abandoned dogs: GHMC Hyderabad Revisited

3 Engineering grad students in Shimla ‘discover’ the Shimla dog pound on 8 March 2012 where about 20 dogs were seen living in deplorable conditions.  Watch the photo gallery here, watch the video here.

Of the approximately 20 dogs at the pound, 1 was lying dead, and other one next to it was breathing its last. The pictures and the video (including the voice overlay) is as supplied by the student groups’ welfare organization ‘Pawsome’.

Mange and malnutrion has eaten away this life as with ALL others at the Shimla dog pound

Earlier, in 2010, the High Court of Himachal Pradesh had ruled that the ‘dog menace’ be controlled by keeping dogs in pounds. The Municipal Commissioner had challenged this in the Supreme Court (SC). The SC upheld the Himachal Pradesh High Court’s order, dismissing the SLP filed by civic body.

The team that took this video did a recce of the facility on March 7, 2012 and on seeing from outside what they saw they went again on the 8th with 80-90 roti’s (bread) to feed the hungry dogs and a camera. This was a day of Holi, there was no -one in the facility. By the looks of it there hasn’t been anyone here for a long time.

The dogs suffer chronic mange & malnutrition and just plain apathy from the Municipal Corporation. Nothing that a little care and a single ampule of ivermectin can’t cure in a week. The food for the dogs was clearly reject from local eateries and included chillies, onions and lime in fried dal (lentil gravy). No dogs could eat that. Water was fetid and no dog could drink that either.

The “progress and achievement” of the Shimla administrations ABC program can be seen here.


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