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Wild camels, stray dogs & holy cows of Bangalore

In Doddanekundi, in the South-East of Bangalore almost at the cities edge there is a large empty plot of land. This vast stretch of approx 160 acres is behind the Gourakshan-shala (cow preservation society) of  Doddanekundi. There is piles of cow dung burnt every day – the ‘waste’ from the cow society.

Wild camels in Bangalore? Holy cow! Now who'd have thought of that!!

The residents of this area include 3 huge camels – an unusual sight in Bangalore (its unusual all right on the roads of Bangalore, let alone as ‘wild’ animals) and dogs! All dogs are unsterilized. The dogs have space here but by way of food they live on the garbage from the cow society.

Kelly of ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ has arranged for a feeding corner where the dogs get fed by people of nearby communities. This will allow the dogs to loose their feral nature and be caught for ABC programs – it is otherwise almost impossible to catch dogs with so much cover.

The 1st catching activity led by The Voice of Stray Dogs is scheduled today (24 April 2012).

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