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The text describes the the rescue of 31 cattle by People For Cattle India (PFCI) in Perumanallur (Tirupur District), Tamilnadu.  The article is terribly important for 3 reasons:  Unlike in most such cases the cattle were not released by police order etc. They stay rescued. PFCI makes an aggressive & legally sound complaint that enforces an FIR and therefore the matter is not just for the police to decide but the courts. The cattle as from so many parts of AndhraPradesh, Tamilnadu & Karnataka were being smuggled into Kerala forRead More
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There has been a battle raging for many years (see bottom of this article for previous VoSD articles) between the horribly abused Jallikattu bulls and the bullocks used for cart racing, and those that were using them ostensibly for “sport” and to “perpetuate tradition” & “showcase rich cultural heritage”. Finally the bulls and the bullocks have won!   In a landmark, historic judgment passed at 10.30 a.m. today (7th May), in petitions and appeals pending before it since the year 2007 and onwards, a bench of the Apex Court ofRead More
India is the land of the ‘Holy Cow’, and cow slaughter is strictly forbidden by law across India, except in the states of  West Bengal & Kerala. All other states have enacted prevention of cow slaughter statutes (*see legislation enacted by the States / Union Territories on cow slaughter).  In Uttar Pradesh, where the incident that we’re writing about occurred, there is The Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, for instance. The unsavory paradox however is, that India is also well on its way to becoming the largest beef exporter in the worldRead More
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59 Thank You’s! From the dogs that you helped in 2013.

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Our usually trusting, usually friendly street dogs are often at the receiving end of horrible abuse and anger, because of the wide-spread (and absurd) belief that they’re easily rabid, and routinely spread rabies. The information being disseminated by organizations believed to be responsible seems to contribute to this erroneous belief. There is a figure doing the rounds – that around 20,000 people die of rabies annually, in India; and this is what is thrown at people who argue for compassion, and compassionate, scientific, lawful handling of street dogs. But is this figure of 20,000 human deaths onRead More
‘Greater Kashmir’ has been very vociferous and lop sided in its reporting on the issue of Stray Dogs with every single ‘report’ ending with the same line allegedly quoted from a judge on the PIL ‘Will sterilized dogs stop biting’. Behind its thinly veiled reporting is the propaganda calling for the continuation of the Kashmiri ‘tradition’ of poisoning dogs to manage numbers. The publication is now running an open forum where people can suggest what they’d like to do with stray dogs, and you can guess the responses. What ‘Greater Kashmir’ has consistently lacked and actively resisted isRead More

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The importance of being er… FIAPO

If one had a choice between action and words, especially the ones that get printed, we know where this one lies. The animals, well they stay where they are for the most part. Out. A while ago we wrote about the newsworthy but wholly worthless announcement from FIAPO about dog fighting in the Punjab with a token prize of Rs 10,000/ US$170 for information where a fighting dog easily costs 10 times that! Not only did it wholly undermine the (continuing) effort of those on the field and still carryingRead More
The entire proceedings of the conference including presentations and video’s of speakers will be made available here. This is the 2nd  edition of the this information being available for Activists for Stray Dogs to leverage on. Proceedings of The Voice of Stray Dogs Conference & Panel Discussion on Catalyzing Activism for Stray Dogs, Bangalore, 26 May 2012: Introduction by Rakesh Shukla, Founder, The Voice of Stray DogsRead More
Rescue, text and pictures – Naina Athale a Navi Mumbai based activist. Naina is a PhD scholar and is a member of the Managing Committee of In Defense of Animals (IDA), co-opted member of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and member of the Advisory Board of The Voice of Stray Dogs. December 2006 , Navi Mumbai. I received a call from a horrified bank employee who could not describe what she had seen. She said she was in a daze all the way home from her office atRead More