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‘Tie & Die’ **** style: The practice of a color tie or chord around the neck after ABC surgery in Bangalore

For this dog both the Municipal Corp & the AWO are cuss/**** words

The deep cut from the tie after the ABC surgery - you could put in 3 fingers in there and have room 🙁

Dogs that undergo the ‘Animal Birth Control’ (ABC, spay and neuter) procedure as per the ABC (Dog Rules, 2001) were initially required by the Bangalore Municipal Corporation (BBMP) to have their ear clipped so they could be spotted. Then BBMP mandated that the Animal Welfare Organization (AWOs) clip both ears deeply so if the dog was ‘sleeping on one side’ it could still be clearly seen. Then they mandated that nylon chords/ tie be put around the neck (this is fastened with a steel pin) – these chord are color coded to specify the AWO that performed the procedure!

Dog lovers have protested but to no avail. If you think that the BBMP is idiotic, you’ll have some words for the AWOs that would blindly follow this for juvenile dogs. We’ve seen that dogs much below the 4-5kg threshold weight are being put through ABC surgery. A 2 kg pup can outgrow the tie very fast, but really really can’t. Its called Tie and Die **** style.  Which was the AWO that did ABC on this dog is clear to anyone who knows about ABC in Bangalore. Yellow is the color of the cord you can see.

This is one of the dogs in a large 7-8 acre area with thick underbrush with a small clearing to one side (which we covered earlier as the Ferals of KGA). It is here that I’ve been feeding 3 separate groups of dogs for a while – since they really have no food source (unlike the rest of Bangalore) but they have a lot of room to live in relative (unlike the rest of Bangalore). I spotted this dog a week back and it was clear to say that he was in terrible shape because of his neck. Since it was to difficult to catch him – because of the large area – I spent a few days following him to see where he lived (under a rusting car).

On 31 Mar/ Sat with the cooperation of the vet I tried to sedate him with food. It did not work because all the others dogs would pounce on him – this dog is the lowest in their hierarchy. Finally Animal Rights Fund (ARF) agreed to send their entire team on Sunday to try and catch him. It was important that we did today – since he did not have much time. And a maggot would would do him in 3-4 days at the max. The ARF team did a great job – because he escaped after being surrounded under the car – but they did not let go of him.

This is his story

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