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The Feral Dogs of KGA

The Feral Dogs of KGA – these dogs live in a jungle like environment near the Karnataka Golf Association – Golf Course. They are true feral dogs – not easy to find in the urban environment. Extremely shy and nervous, they don’t associate with humans at all, will not approach a person and none of them would wag their tails (other than 2 pups who’ve now been conditioned).

Its taken a couple of months of feeding to get them to a point where they will accept food in human presence. Because of the brush beyond this clearing other than 2 (who were very small puppies when they were caught) none of them are ABC dogs. The plan is to build enough confidence so that they can be caught for spay/neuter. View the photo gallery here>>

The Alpha - very nervous - you can see that in his eyes


He has it written all over - I don't trust you man!

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