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‘The Dogs of Nagaland’ with Caisii Mao

The whole dog is eaten and is a local delicacy

Dog meat is found commonly across Nagaland and to an extent in Mizoram. Since dog meat is common but dogs are not ‘farmed’ as they are say in Korea & China they are smuggled into Nagaland, much as they are from the countryside of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand into China. Reportedly 200+ dogs are smuggled across from  Assam into Nagaland each day. In Assam ‘dog catchers’  (working for the smugglers) get about Rs 50/ $1 for a single dog they catch – the same dog is sold wholesale in Nagaland for Rs 1000/ $20. In the streets of Nagaland dog meat sells for Rs 200/ $ 4-5 per kg i.e. roughly Rs 2000/ US$ 40-50 per dog which is an amazing 40-50x from the catchers ‘price’ a hundred kilometers away.

All of the dog is eaten with the head as the prized part of the dog. The reasons for dog-meat are many, and ‘traditional’ in Nagaland – dog meat is relished for its unique ‘pungent taste’, it is thought to work as an aphrodisiac, it’s thought to be a ‘warm’ meat for winters and because it increased iron in a human body!

In these pictures a tribal Naga woman sells dog meat at a daily market in Dimapur, Nagaland.