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AWS operates illegally in Bangalore with BBMPs help against High Court Orders and AWBIs instructions

Following the investigation on AWS’s operations in Bangalore and reporting to the relevant Government authorities AWS was blacklisted by AWBI in Sept 2011 and BBMP was asked to make them stop doing ABC surgery. Essentially AWS should not have been operating in Bangalore at all – but guess what we found out on our visit on 6 Dec whilst an Andhra Pradesh High Court order was in effect that AWS can’t do any ABC surgery – they were working with no change at all!

NB: This video was made on 6th Dec 2011 and was shared by the relevant authorities on 7th Dec 2011. The only reason it was not shared with the readers here before was because the the Hon’ble Court had adjourned AWS’s appeal which was heard on 22 Dec 2011 and hence the video is being released now.

The court passed 3 orders W.P. No. 28354 AWS vs UOI and othrs on AWS’ Writ Petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court:

  • Vide the order dated 21st October, 2011, the Court had directed that the petitioner would not undertake ‘any such activities’, i.e. participation in the abc programme at Bangalore, for a period of 15 days from passing of that order.
  • Vide order passed on 15th November, 2011, the restraint order already passed by the Court, i.e. restraint against AWS’s participation in the abc programme at Bangalore, was extended till the 2nd of December, 2011.
  • Vide the order on vide order passed on 29th Nov, the stay has been extended till 20th December 2011.
This video you view was made on 6 Dec 2011.

BBMP was specifically  told in writing by AWBI vide written communication sent to the Commissioner BBMP with a cc to Dr Parviz Piran, Joint Director, Animal Husbandry Dept (BBMP) that AWS cannot be entrusted with animal birth control targets/ work at Bangalore, while the stay order passed by the Court remains in operation.

However BBMP gave AWS a written order on 30 Sept 2011 to start work to continue work in the name of AWS promoter. AWS operation was already in full swing as early as 17 Nov 2011. The only change they’d made made is they are operating under the personal name of Dr Srinivasalu the Trustee of AWS and the petitioner in the Writ. Making a mockery of the courts orders.  This to action flouts all norms of BBMP too since it had given the tender for ABC to AWS not to Dr Srinivalsalu.

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