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AWS cuts open puppies relocates them super glues dogs after surgery and sells dogs

This video was shot on 13 Dec 2011 following the inspection on 6 Dec 2011 of the illegal AWS operation. The video clearly shows:

  • Completely illegal ABC operation in progress under the aegis of the BBMP
  • Small pups about 2 months being operated
  • Incorrect tagging on almost all dogs – forget location even the sex, color and weight are not correct
  • No weighing for dogs brought in at all – all medication is by ‘estimation’ of a driver/ worker/ helpful
  • Other areas being raided to complete ‘quota’ for ABC surgery and for revenues
  • Dogs being sold from AWS Queens Road

NB: This video was made on 13th Dec 2011 and was shared by the relevant authorities on 14th Dec 2011. The only reason it was not shared with the readers here before was because the the Hon’ble Court had adjourned AWS’s appeal which was heard on 22 Dec 2011 and hence the video is being released now.

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