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De-recognition of Animal Welfare Society, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (AP1012008) by AWBI makes it ineligible for any/all ABC programs in India including in Bangalore

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Following the reports and information available with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), AWBI vide communique No.10-683/07-08 AWO on 12th October, 2011 issued a notice permanently de-recognizing AWS (The Animal Welfare Society, Plot No. 238IInd FloorKamalapuri Colony Phase II Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad-500073; E-mail : as an Animal Welfare Organizations (AWO) operating in India.

The communication clearly stated that:

  • AWBI is vested with the power of ‘recognizing’ organizations holding themselves out as being animal welfare organizations, particularly for the purpose of participating in animal birth control programs at the behest of Municipalities or other Local Authorities.
  • The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, enacted under Section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, specifically define ‘animal welfare organization’ as being an organization that is recognized by the Board; and  only organizations that are thus recognized can participate in animal birth control programs for municipalities and / or other local authorities.
  • Along-with the power to recognize animal welfare organizations is the power to de-recognize them, if the requisite parameters are not being adhered to, or if the organization is acting at variance with the mandate of the Board, i.e. to ensure animal welfare generally, and protect animals from being subjected to unnecessary pain or suffering.
  • The Board has framed exhaustive Standard Operating Procedures for animal birth control, which is a compilation of ‘good practices’ to be adhered to by every animal welfare organization participating in and conducting ABC/ARV operations.
  • Board had learnt that the Animal Welfare Society, its staff, vets, and para-vets, and in fact all employees at its facility at Bangalore, were consistently failing to/neglecting adherence with the Board’s Standard Operating Practices (i.e. ‘SOPs’) for animal birth control, and consequently violating the mandate of the law for the Board and for animal welfare organizations, of ensuring animal welfare generally, and protecting animals from being subjected to unnecessary pain or suffering, the Board required an inspection to be conducted at AWS’ facility by a trusted and responsible co-opted member of the Board. 

The communication further states that AWS Bangalore was inspected in July 2011 and a final warning issued to AWS by AWBI but AWS made no attempts to change its operational procedures and preparedness.

Another inspection was directed by the Board to be conducted at your facility in end August, 2011, by another co-opted member of the Board. This inspection was conducted over a period of 3 days, and every aspect of your functioning minutely surveyed. Photographs were taken, and a detailed report submitted to the Board.

Based on the 2 reports and the unequivocal finding from the 2nd report with photographic and video evidence  proves that AWS is failing outright in adhering to the Board’s SOPs for animal birth control & the manner in which the programme is being conducted is leading to tremendous cruelty being perpetrated upon the dogs in AWS’s  ‘custody’.

AWBI decided to de-recognize AWS in light of the information above and considering AWS’s response to the show cause notice on why it should be de-recognized. AWBI conclusion was based on the reasons of:

  1. Not adhering to the Board’s SOPs for animal birth control,
  2. Violating the mandate of the law, i.e. ensuring animal welfare generally,
  3. Failure to protect animals from being subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering,
  4. Being responsible for perpetrating great cruelty upon the dogs being caught by AWS

AWS has been directed to cease participation in the animal birth control programme at Bangalore at once. AWBI has also communicated to  BBMP, to divest AWS of the charge and territory allotted to AWS immediately.

The communication was sent with copies to:

  • Mr. Siddaiah, Commissioner, BBMP, BBMP Main Office, NR Square,  Bangalore
  • Dr. Piran, Joint Director – Animal Husbandry, BBMP, Main Office, NR Square,  Bangalore

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