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AWS continues to perform surgery on a dog wagging its tail seconds before surgery, and crying throughout: New report on 7 Sept 2011 visit

The Voice of Stray dogs has brought out 2 previous reports on the abysmal conditions & horrific treatement meted out to strays dogs at the AWS facilities. These can be seen as the 1st report on AWB Bangalore & 2nd report in AWS Bangalore. But clearly in-spite of all the evidence gathering, reporting and submissions publicly, to BBMP to AWBI nothing has changed at AWS Bangalore – where the work of systematic cruelty goes on unabated.

AWS has no regard for the AWBI SOP, BBMP or in the least the strays dogs. And all seem to be helpless in stopping this: The 1st is a govt body struggling to find teeth, the 2nd pays AWS for these surgeries & the 3rd is a victim.

Watch the 1st video of a juvenile dog being readied for for ABC surgery at AWS on 7 Sept 2011. When our volunteer whistles at the juvenile dog seconds before surgery the dog responds with wagging his tail vigorously. The vet was ‘Dr’ NeelRaj. On being questioned he puts the dog down on the floor. The volunteer then left to see the rest of the premises.

Watch the 2nd video when within 15 minutes the same dog is being operated on the same table by the same vet without any further anesthesia. The dog is screaming throughout the surgery as another ‘helper’ keeps its mouth shut! ‘Dr’ NeelRaj’s grouse was that he was being ‘disturbed’ by the volunteer!

See the photo-gallery of the rest of the infamous AWS Bangalore operation







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