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Report on investigation tour of “Vet Society for Animal Welfare & Rural Development” at City Veterinary Hospital – Mysore Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore

Perfect stitching!!

Note: The Voice of Stray Dogs ‘audit’ is carried out by our volunteers without any prior information to either the NGO or BBMP to correctly verift the level of execution of ABC. This is the first time The Voice of Stray Dogs visited this particular ABC center.  AWS, ARF, Sarvodaya’s ABC Centers have been visited before,

Audit found the facility to be satisfactory overall, with higher than norm standards in surgery whereas kennels was a concern area. The findings were:

  1. In general the facility is very spacious and well maintained.
  2. The whole team was welcoming and everyone was willing to show the volunteers(s) detailed information like tagging paper, records, complaint book , etc.  It clearly showed the attitude of not wanting to hide anything and confidence in their operation
  3. The following vets were present (a) Dr. Sachin (b) Dr. Tahic Gani (c) Dr. Yasmeen
  4. At the entrance of the facility is a pre-surgery table for the dogs, which is acceptable but could be better maintained.
  5. The OT is a huge room with 3 OT tables and it was well organized and clean.
  6. Surgeries were done in a professional way and the stitching looked very clean.
    • Remark: Dogs who had just came out of anesthesia were heard screaming loudly and for a long time. This is a first for The Voice of Stray Dogs’ volunteers.  The vet maintained that with some dogs it can happen and clearly said enough pain killers were given.
  7. Tagging was done correctly and all paperwork was in order. What was missing was the medical sheet for the dogs.
    • Remark: Two dogs on the list were not found in the kennels. When asking the team, they said the dogs were picked up by the owners. It would be good to mention it on the sheet, whether it’s owner dogs or not.
  8. The manager, Mrs. Sukanya was not available all the time, as she has to visit other locations
    • Remark: A manager should always be around and monitor the place
  9. Maintenance of the kennels was poor. Although they said it will be cleaned every day, it didn’t appear like that. 3-4 dogs are kept in one kennels, although approx. 20 ( or more) kennels are available.
    • Remark: dogs should be kept in sterile area
    • A 3 legged dead dog (smelling badly) was found in the last kennel. It lay open and in plain sight. Yet none of the vets ‘knew it was there’. On being asked how did the arrive the only answer provided was that ‘it came on its own the previous day and died’. It is hardly likely that a dog searched for a hospital as a peaceful place to die!  hospital and wanted a peaceful place to die!

Overall it is  well run operation that performs ABC the right way, but could do with some improvement in the highlighted areas.

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