Each time there is an animal cruelty case, petitions or demands of actions are made to the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI).  AWBI is a bureaucracy within an bureaucracy (Ministry of Environment and Forests) AND subservient to it – that can’t be a recipe of pro-activeness!  Ms Menaka Gandhi is the next best stop for action – but Ms Gandhi works on a range of issues that are brought to her notice the best she can and surely she can’t be the default for all action. So is the fate of India’sRead More
Read/ Download/ Print the report from here Excerpt: The Animal Welfare Board of India (henceforth AWBI) has taken up the implementation of the animal birth control (henceforth ABC) program for canines on a national scale with two objectives—to end the presence of stray dogs on roads and public spaces and free India from the incidence of rabies by 2020. Under this program, stray dogs are picked up, neutered, vaccinated against rabies and released in the respective areas from where they had been captured. The ABC program constitutes the only effectiveRead More
The Voice of Stray Dogs is making available a set of old AWBI Guides – very valuable but now sadly out of print and circulation. These are published by AWBI and are being digitized and distributed free by The Voice of Stray Dogs Read the AWBI Guide on ‘How to Patrol Markets For Wild Animal, Bird Sales & Sale Of Animal Products’. The content includes checking forRead More
This video was shot on 13 Dec 2011 following the inspection on 6 Dec 2011 of the illegal AWS operation. The video clearly shows: Completely illegal ABC operation in progress under the aegis of the BBMP Small pups about 2 months being operated Incorrect tagging on almost all dogs – forget location even the sex, color and weight are not correct No weighing for dogs brought in at all – all medication is by ‘estimation’ of a driver/ worker/ helpful Other areas being raided to complete ‘quota’ for ABC surgeryRead More
The Voice of Stray Dogs is making available a set of old AWBI Guides – very valuable but now sadly out of print and circulation. These are published by AWBI and are being digitized and distributed free by The Voice of Stray Dogs Read the AWBI Guide on ‘How to Check a Zoo’. The content includes checking for Food and housing Minimum size of cages Veterinary facilities What to check for How to check Zoo animals What can you do   Download/ Read/ Print the AWBI Guide on ‘How toRead More
The President, Veterinary Council of India informed the Chairperson, Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) that pursuant to AWBI issuing an advisory against tail docking and ear cropping of dogs, the Veterinary Council of India has written to the Registrars of all Veterinary/Agricultural Universities having veterinary facilities, the Registrars of all State Veterinary Councils, the Deans of all Veterinary Colleges, the Directors of the Animal Husbandry departments of all States advising them to apprise all veterinary practitioners and students to refrain from resorting to cosmetic surgeries, with immediate effect.Read More
Following the reports and information available with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), AWBI vide communique No.10-683/07-08 AWO on 12th October, 2011 issued a notice permanently de-recognizing AWS (The Animal Welfare Society, Plot No. 238IInd FloorKamalapuri Colony Phase II Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad-500073; E-mail : as an Animal Welfare Organizations (AWO) operating in India. The communication clearly stated that: AWBI is vested with the power of ‘recognizing’ organizations holding themselves out as being animal welfare organizations, particularly for the purpose of participating in animal birth control programs at the behest ofRead More
In an advisory issued on 8 Sept 2011 the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) deemed the practice of ‘docking’ and ‘ear-cropping’ as a mutilation and therefore against the Prevention of Cruelty Act of 1960, illegal and a punishable offence. The advisory directs the: Veterinary Council to issue directions to vets, state vet councils, veterinary colleges & practitioners Kennel clubs to ensure compliance All State and district SPCA’s  to work with the local police and seek legal help in ensuring implementation This goes for dogs of all breeds including the mostRead More
Animal Welfare Board of India via letter dated 2 December 2009 bearing reference No24-41/200-10-AWB had communicated to the CVO GHMC that Animal Welfare Society (AWS) did not have “trained personnel & adequate infrastructure” and therefore should not be allowed to continue ABC in Hyderabad.  It also says that “no contracts/ grants should be awarded” to AWS. It is interesting that several AWS office bearers commented on ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ 1st article on AWS demanding this proof – even though the article had not claimed in any way that AWSRead More
The Voice of Stray dogs has brought out 2 previous reports on the abysmal conditions & horrific treatement meted out to strays dogs at the AWS facilities. These can be seen as the 1st report on AWB Bangalore & 2nd report in AWS Bangalore. But clearly in-spite of all the evidence gathering, reporting and submissions publicly, to BBMP to AWBI nothing has changed at AWS Bangalore – where the work of systematic cruelty goes on unabated. AWS has no regard for the AWBI SOP, BBMP or in the least the strays dogs. AndRead More