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The ‘new improved’ GHMC Autonagar Dog Pounds are doing a makeover – they are now called ‘shelters’. And they keep monkeys too now – in deplorable conditions.

Watch the video’s on a troop of 67 monkeys in 3 crammed cages at the dog pounds. This were taken on 25th Sept 2011. As on 27 Sept 2011 they are still there. The monkey catchers clearly said on 25th that they caught and brought them there a week back (so today would be 10 days). But  the GHMC and forest officials maintain that they were brought in late last week (that still makes it 5 days at least). After all the noise on 25th and 26th the only difference in the the lives of these monkeys is that now there are in 10 cages instead of 3. But they are still there with injuries unattended.

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