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At GHMC the more things change, the more they remain the same!

Earlier articles focused on the condition of strays kept at the GHMC Autonagar pound, there was a story about the condition on monekys too, but we had learnt aht all the monkeys from the GHMC pounds had been released.

Injuries are only a part of the scarring of these animals

On a Sunday evening the volunteer/ investigators arrived at GHMC Autonagar after the scores of self congratularyly material that has been floated by the GHMC administration and some self confessed animal lovers, clearly on the behest of the GHMC and the administration. All these ‘improvements’ pointed to new OT’s and painted cages.

What was found on 25 Sept/Sunday evening was shocking. A whole troop of monkeys (as reported by the forest official that this correspondent spoke with) has been captured and kept at the pound to be ‘released into a forest area’.

The monkeys are in a deplorable condition, in some cages easily 20 individuals could be seen. Of the total some 15 were counted to be adult males, all others were mothers with babies still nursing.  At least 2 had severe injuries to their hands fighting for food or for their babies – injuries severe enough that when offered banana’s they could not eat at all.

As per information available some bananas and a bowl of corn is give (which is thrown on the ground below the cages). The monkeys have to put their hands down through the grill to get to the food.


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