The Vadodara dog which ‘bit 21 people’ is actually an overgrown puppy looking for love

On August 7th 2011 the Vadodara Center for Animal Rescue and Emergency (VCARE) received a call from the Market Inspector of the ‘Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan’ about a dog which had in ‘5 days bitten close to 21 people’ in the Muktananda Circle in Karelibaug area.

Bhalu follows Lalit, the attendant, around like a puppy would

The public at large had been harassing this dog and claimed that it was rabid and therefore should be put down.


The VCARE team found a healthy black dog and 4 others in his pack. ‘Bhalu’s gang’ was picked up and kept under observation for 11 days at VCARE. Since none of them turned out to be rabid – they were all spay-neutered on day 12. All of them, including the dog that had ‘bitten 21 people’ were extremely friendly and did not show any aggression at all. He took to Lalit, the attendant, and followed him around like a little pup. Obviously he had been harassed and kicked around by people and was just defending himself leading to the ‘biting frenzy’.

After post operative care and vaccinating them against rabies, all of them were released back in the area they were caught from. The team has been looking out for the gang when they attend calls in that area and they all seem to be doing well.

The incident that shows stress induced behavior in a stray and importance of ‘correct’ complaint handling.