Bambi's rescue, Rinky Karmakar

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Bambi’s lease of life, came from Rinky Karmakar

Bambi's rescue, Rinky Karmakar

Bambi the day she was found

Rinky Karmakar knows a thing or two about stray dogs, and stray dog rescue. She’s been at it for years. In Andheri where she lives right across from AWS’s Kapaswadi ABC facility Rinky, and the people around, there know the apathetic conditions of the dogs. Its an open secret that the dogs brought in for ABC  and found diseased or injured (for the most part in the hearless business of dogs – damaged goods – which can’t generate revenue and cost too much to ‘return’ to the place of collection) are just left out free at the garbage dump to fend for themselves. More injured, diseased, malnourished dogs get added to the Kapaswadi wasteland every day!

Rinky found this female dog that she now calls “Bambi” near Shoppers Stop in Juhu on Aug 19th 2011 (a distance of approx 250mts as the crow flies from Kapaswadi). Bambi is a year old female who was allegedly dropped off by a “white van” from an AWO/ABC sometime early August. The picture speaks volumes of her condition.

Rinky admitted Bambi in a shelter. She was so malnourished her veins had collapsed and the vet had to wait 5 days to draw blood. Her hemoglobin count was almost zero.

After a month Bambi is still in a shelter and has improved (see the latest picture of Bambi) and Rinki is looking for a home for Bambi. If you have a story on stray dogs in your city one of rescue, love, apathy feel free to write to us at

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