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The ABC dog from Kapaswadi that could not be saved :(

Emaciated & maggot ridden – you call this alive!

We carried a rescue story by Rinky Karmakar just the other day. Here’s another one – equally heartbreaking, and then some. This baby did not not make it.

This little girl was found about 1200hrs in front of the AWS Kapaswadi facility on 10 Sept (Sat) by Amit Pathak. On checking Amit and Rinky found that:

  • This dog was dropped off by a ‘white van’ about 30 min’s before they found her
  • The people who saw the van could not read what was written since the writing on the sides of the van was in English
  • The ‘dog catchers’ in the van were seen pulling out the dogs from the van and throwing it on the ground – before they got back into the van and sped away.

When Rinky arrived at the scene 15 minutes later she saw this completely emaciated girl with maggot wounds all over. She would cry on every touch throughout her body. She was taken to the vet and and in addition to being severely malnourished and with maggot wounds, she was suspected to have broken ribs. She was euthanized a little later to relieve her of her misery and the cruelty of the world around her.

Rest in peace little girl.

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