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BBMP Ward 10 allocations for AWS / Dr Srinivas and where they're actually catching dogs
AWS ran the infrastructure and all the ‘ABC Packages’ (package) that Bangalore is divided into, till The Voice of Stray Dogs started unearthing the horrible conditions of the AWS ABC program which led to it being disqualified and a court order issued. To our great surprise AWS facility remained operational and BBMP was quick to point out that this was actually not AWS but Dr Srinivasalu who was awarded Package 10. No-one in Bangalore, those working in animal welfare included, ever knew that. This is the context of a 2Read More
Bagalakunte, Bangalore 11 Aug 2011 newspaper reports on 20 people bitten by dogs: The Voice of Stray Dogs called all the news desks reporting the story to check if they actually did any reporting and verified before publishing. It is clear that: None of the reporters actually went to the spot to verify any facts All have relied on BBMP ‘officials’ and/or Dr Piran. The no. of people ‘claimed’ bitten and/or named are 5 – but lead by Times of India – reports suggest 20 people being bitten! Dr PiranRead More