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59 Thank You’s! From the dogs that you helped in 2013.

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John Hughes, 57, has a 30 year background as an independent animal welfare advocate. He has a strong police background and is a polite and law abiding campaigner for Animals Rights. He lives in Brighton. He has been running campaigns for highlighting the horror of the ‘dog meat trade’ in Korea, Thailand, and his own base in the Philippines where he runs the legendary Dogsmountain  sanctuary for dogs that houses dogs saved from the meat trade. He’s well aware of what is happening in Kerala since other South East Asian countries use the veryRead More

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The importance of being er… FIAPO

If one had a choice between action and words, especially the ones that get printed, we know where this one lies. The animals, well they stay where they are for the most part. Out. A while ago we wrote about the newsworthy but wholly worthless announcement from FIAPO about dog fighting in the Punjab with a token prize of Rs 10,000/ US$170 for information where a fighting dog easily costs 10 times that! Not only did it wholly undermine the (continuing) effort of those on the field and still carryingRead More
Priyanka The ‘Little’ Voice of Stray Dogs from Bangalore can be heard far and wide. Priyanka Mathews is only 8 years old and her love for animals and nature is already well pronounced. Which little girl would raise money for doggies rather than get some birthday gifts? A lot depends on how parents bring up their children and Priyanka’s family truly has a heart of gold. Priyanka herself has developed the sensitivity for animals in her own way. Without any influence from anyone, Priyanka decided to set aside her her birthday gifts andRead More
Imagine a charity in another country raising a thousand dollars, without you even asking for it (but of course you need it) and you get a check in mail your mail! Yesterday we get a check in our mail with a small handwritten note that this is from ‘Keep Talking’.  ‘Keep Talking’ based in Perth, Australia had raised A$1122/ Rs 58,900 through a veg BBQ for ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’, last month. Based in Perth, Keep Talking was founded by Christine Ringrow in response to the treatment of cattleRead More