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Priyanka foregoes her birthday gifts to collect Rs 6,621 for stray dogs

Priyanka The ‘Little’ Voice of Stray Dogs from Bangalore can be heard far and wide. Priyanka Mathews is only 8 years old and her love for animals and nature is already well pronounced. Which little girl would raise money for doggies rather than get some birthday gifts? A lot depends on how parents bring up their children and Priyanka’s family truly has a heart of gold. Priyanka herself has developed the sensitivity for animals in her own way.

Priyanka (center, pink) with aunty Kelly and other doggy friends in Bangalore!

Without any influence from anyone, Priyanka decided to set aside her her birthday gifts and do something much more important… to help stray dogs in need. She heard about The Voice of Stray Dogs and our work and thought that she could contribute by placing a wonderful handcrafted donation box at her birthday party for people to donate some money for the stray dogs! She collected Rs 6,621. And that goes a long way.

Priyanka is a good example of walking the talk. If those little hands and feet can do it, so can ours.