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Live dog slashed with a meat cleaver in Mumbai

Edit note: It is not uncommon to see meat cleavers being used on dogs – a lot of times when dogs approach ‘meat stalls’ the stall owners cut off dogs’ tails to ‘teach them a lesson’. 2 of my dogs (they were stray/street dogs but now live with me, have their tails missing as well.  Rescue, photo’s and text: IDA. Used here with permission.

On 1 Aug 2012 IDA got a frantic call from one Mr. Jadhav of Chunnabhati-Mumbai around 10:30 am stating that someone had attacked a sterilized dog with a meat cleaver right outside the BMC hospital and it was bleeding profusely. Mr. Jadhav has said he has lodging a police complaint of the attack.

The cleaver stroke that cut through this dogs shoulder blade,  in front of the BMC Hospital at Chunnabhatti, Mumbai

IDA’s mobile van reached the spot within a few minutes and Dr. Mulluk and helper Mahadeo gave emergency treatment to stop his bleeding and brought him to the IDA center. The IDA veterinary surgeon Dr. Kalekar took him into surgery immediately on arrival. His wound was very deep…but it was operated upon.

11 days after the indecent his wound is healing. His limbs too are affected from the attack, especially his front leg left leg which was also damaged in the attack. 

Releasing him is going to be a big challenge and IDA will be looking for volunteers to help find a safe haven on his release. He has a long way to go still…

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