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Arunanchal Pradesh leads the way in banning battery cages for hens

The Government of Arunanchal Pradesh, vide a communique from the Department of Animal Husbandary and Veterinary (sic) dated 18 June 2012 banned the use of battery cages made of steel wire or local made baskets that do to allow birds to spread their wings and allow other natural behavior such as nesting, dust bathing, perching and foraging.

Arunanchal Pradesh used Section 11 (1) {e} of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960) that forbids the confinement of any animal in a cage that does not allow an animal reasonable opportunity for movement and excercise natural behaviour(s).

Vide the notification no AHV/SAWB/10/2011-12 all poultry farmers have been prohibited to use such cages as described.

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