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An account to CNVR based ABC from Surat by Darshan Desai: Intestines are spilling out as the Corporation and AWBI dither

After getting his training in animal welfare workshop of AWBI in 1998 Darshan started in animal welfare work in his individual capacity and with another organisation. A few years ago we stared Prayas Team Environment where one of the wings is dedicated to animal rescue and welfare. He started with his home’s land line number manned by his grand mother and parents and today they seamlessly receive 35 rescue calls a day and in January during kite flying a rescue call every 3rd minutes! Prayas has a 50 volunteer team. To Darshan and Prayas’ great joy the city corporation decided to start the ABC (spay-neuter) program awarding a contract to Animal Protection Society Karad but just a month after it has became a main reason of sadness and anger for them. 

Text and pictures Darshan Desai: 

“Here is what happened on July 4, 2012: We received a call on our helpline number from Udhna area in Surat that two dogs are roaming around in a very bad state with their abdominal parts bleeding severely with intestines hanging out. These dogs were roaming like that since yesterday after they were released by the agency who had taken them for sterilization.

Female dog found in Surat with its guts spilled out after CNVR surgery on 4 June 2012

To the horror of our rescue team, the dog’s condition was very bad. One dog had died in the night, and was lying there and another in a very bad condition alive in the rain. Immediately it was taken to Nandini Veterinary hospital where she succumbed to the horrible after effects of the operation done in the agency appointed by the SMC.

We had visited the place where the ABC operations were said to be carried out by the agency appointed by SMC namely Animal Protection Club KARAD, and to our astonishment the place is nothing but a cabin and open space. We found no dogs & no activity. We asked some one there and they said “they have gone to catch dogs”! People in the outskirts of Surat near from the place of this agency have noticed a van coming in night and releasing 10-15 dogs just like that at one place.

Here are the photographs of the dog that we could not save this morning. Even the loose stitches material is visible in one of the pictures. The cut made is too large and also in a crude manner.

Dog with intestines spilling out after CNVR surgery in Surat, Gujarat

The dog’s dead body was taken to government polyclinic. As per the veterinary officer reason of death was loss of blood and septicemia and the cause was the breaking of stitches. The Nandini Veterinary hospital doctors also confirm that the operation has been done in a very bad way plus too large a cut is made and it’s a bad example of a neutering operation.

We emailed to the authorities immediately regarding this incident, but we never got any response. The Times of India reported this news, and to that there was a counter response. After four days again in the nearby area we found dogs alive running around with open stitches, who’s photos is also attached.

There is no uglier form of cruelty than this, and forget the cheating being carried upon by the agency against the tax payers money.

Please look in to the matter. We are very much ready to extend our help in terms of observation, guidance and even handling of dogs, and in fact we had approached the health department earlier that PRAYAS along with Nandini Veterinary hospital are ready to take up the ABC campaign in our own way which will be on a smaller scale, more focused and on area basis, which will yield more results with very experienced veterinarians to our support which can make this work more valued and will give a new dimension to this whole issue towards solving and public participation will also take place. We are fully with SMC for the ABC program but they are not involving us for reasons unknown. We even are ready to provide space and volunteers to contribute to the program, but in no case we shall allow this cruelty to happen in the name of AWBI.

Dog found in Surat on 4 June 2012 with stiches open after CNVR surgery

We do not know or heard of any committee that was formed by the Surat Municipal Corporation for the ABC program as per the provisions by the Act. It is my moral duty to stop this cruelty and ensure the ABC program be implemented in the right manner. We are very much in favor of the ABC program and are willing to contribute as an NGO which is working for the stray dogs of Surat, but we can not tolerate this inhumane practice.

Darshan Desai

Prayas Team Environment

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