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Bully Dog fighting ring busted in Gurgaon NCR by PFA in Jan 2012 a video report by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’

Indian Bully Dog Fighting ring busted in New Delhi/ NCR on On 23-24 Jan 2012. Investigation, reporting & footage by PFA (People for Animals). Published by the ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ on Dog fighting is an open secret in NCR & Punjab. This is the sequence of the events, captured in the text report here, the sting on voice and video capture.

It is noteworthy that the reaction of the police when PFA brought to the matter to them was ‘this is what happens in this area we’re not sure what are you worried about’.  Also noteworthy is:

  • Indian/ Pakistani Bully dogs and pit bulls are extensively used for underground illegal ‘to the death’ dog fights. Hisar and Fatehbad in Haryana seem to the centre of such illegal fights.
  • There is a thriving online ‘market’ for these dogs.
  • Local listing websites such as ,  are openly allowing people to trade in ‘fighting dogs.
  • It is very clearly mentioned in many places that these dogs are offspring of famous fighter dogs and have been trained to kill or be killed.
  • They are trained and reared for fighting. Costs for purchase are ranging from Rs 20,000 – Rs 1,50,000 (US$ 400 – US$ 3000)

January 23rd 2012

  • PFA received information that villagers have been organizing dogfights
  • A country liquor vend opposite Medanta Hospital in Sector 47, Gurgaon  had a dog used in the fighting as captive
  • A PFA volunteer went to the location on 23 Jan 2012 day and met a local resident of Jharsa village one Mr Anil
  • Anil is the ringleader of this particular ring and has been routinely organizing these fights in local villages, farmhouses etc  with police patronage.
  • He confirmed that a fight was to take place on Republic Day, January 26th 2012 at Badshahpur village, off Sohna Road.
  • These fights are organized as betting and gambling rackets with local officials and the police receiving substantial portions of the money.
  • PFA made an audio recording of this conversation with ringleader and handed it over to the police on 23 Jan 2012

January 24th 2012

  • PFA made a written complaint and met the following officials:
    • Gurgaon Police Commissioner: Mr. K K Sindhu
    • DCP (East) Gurgaon: Mr Maheshwar Dayal
    • DCP (South) Gurgaon: Hamid Akhtar
  • All three officials were impressed upon the urgency of the planed crime and were given a copy of the evidence against a planned crime in violation of:
    • Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code
    • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Section 11
    • Public Gambling Act, Section 3 and Indian Penal Code Section 9 and Section 45
    • Constitution of India, Article 51 (a)
  • However no urgent police action was forthcoming

January 25th 2012

  • Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Founder Chair, PFA and Lok Sabha MP called the CP, DCP (East) Gurgaon, & DCP (East). No immediate police action was forthcoming even after the calls.
  • PFA then issued a media release, detailing the issue.
  • PFA met with The Hindustan Times, Gurgaon and gave the publication the evidence, which they carried in a news story
  • At 8:59 pm PFA received a call from someone who identified himself as Investigating Officer from Sadar Police Station, Gurgaon (this police station has direct jurisdiction over the area of Sector 47 and Jharsa village) who wanted this case to be ‘resolved’. He was told to act per the complaint made to the DCP East.

January 26th 2012

  • PFA took charge of the dog from Anil at the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, Raja Garden, New Delhi which is PFA’s nodal facility for Delhi and Gurgaon.
  • Anil has given a written statement, copy of his ration (ID) card and a video recording of his statement. Anil’s confession says:
  • Anil got the dog from Jeevan Nagar in Punjab, Dist. Fazilka through a dealer who smuggles these dogs through the Pakistan border
  • Anil is a driver by profession. He was  lured by the prospect of making easy money. His cousin Jigar found information readily on the Internet.
  • They then drove to Punjab to get the dog to Gurgaon and bought the dog for Rs 18,000 (US$350).

Dogs continue to be bought and sold and fought all across the Punjab and behind the gates of Delhi’s farmhouses

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