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Part I – BBMP and SDFB have always colluded: 2001 Bangalore’s then Mayor launched Stray Dog Free Bangalore and the birth of Bangalore ABC

The proximity of BBMP (earlier called BMP and BMC before that) and that of the anti-stray-dog lobby lead by “Stray Dog Free Bangalore” (SDFB) is baffling. This footage is from 3 March 2001  when Start/ NDTV covered the birth of SDFB – which was inaugurated by the then Mayor of Bangalore!

And get this – the brain behind SDFB Diana Bharucha (on camera) clearly states that the  solution is ‘elimination of stray dogs’ and nothing else – something that they now say they never said. The BMP Mayor who inaugurated the function immediately comes to her rescue and denies that she meant killing of dogs. Says Diana meant ‘taking care of dogs by housing and removing them’. If this is not collusion – not sure what is?

In a following video from 2007 SDFB again states that culling is the only solution. That too will be available soon as Part II

You’ll also see the barbaric practice of electrocuting dogs which continues from 1934 to 2000 and in which time 25 million dogs were killed in Bangalore. This is the subject of another ‘historical’ video to be shortly made available on on this channel.

The video also shows the birth of ABC in Bangalore with Dilip Bafna/ ARF talking on TV for ABC

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