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VOSD shares Legal Framework for Stray Dogs In India
Many large Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) and Managing committees (MC) write to us asking us to take away all the stray dogs from their societies/gated community/ buildings etc. They don’t realize that relocating stray dogs is an illegal act. VOSD is the world’s largest no-kill rescue and sanctuary, and the largest provider of legal and medical expertise on dogs. And we would like to provide a legal framework for stray dogs so that everyone understand the rights of Stray Dogs and what they can and cannot do when it comesRead More
VOSD | CSR | HR initiatives

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Add some do-good to your brand’s feel-good. Love is a verb. If you are part of the CSR or HR teams in any company and would like to contribute to animal welfare in a meaningful way, then please write to us at info@vosd.in We have some amazing initiatives through which your teams can contribute and share their love with our doggies. 🐕   About VOSD VOSD is the Bangalore-based privately run non-profit with 80G status. Runs the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary & trust with 800 resident dogs, 7,500+ rescues, 250,000+ treatments.Read More
Vir Das | Comedy | India | VOSD

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Vir Das for VOSD in Mumbai

Vir Das , India’s India’s highest selling comedian supports VOSD Vir Das will do a preview of his new NetFlix Special in aid of VOSD.  BUY TICKETS HERE: https://bit.ly/2IyAwUN Date: 6 July at 08 PM–10 PM Venue: St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra. Mumbai, Maharashtra. All proceeds from this event will go to The Voice of Stray Dogs – VOSD. Share this post with all your family and friends in Mumbai! Big thanks Vir Das for supporting VOSD and  #TheVoiceof800Dogs! The Facebook Event Page is here #Virdas #VOSD #TheVoiceof800Dogs  #Comedy #Mumbai #Dogs#LoveIsAVerb  Read More
Reporting Puppies |Ricky with Rakesh Shukla VOSD

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Donations in kind

With 750+ dogs to be fed and medicated daily we use prodigious quantities of food, medicines and other supplies. If you are willing to help with these supplies, please note that unless these quantities represent a large financial proportion of what we use it will not be possible for us to arrange for pick-ups. The best way is to message what you wish to contribute and we will let you know if it can be picked up or if we could request you to bring to a centralized place inRead More
Rakesh Shukla I Founder VOSD & TWB I VOSD Dog Sanctuary

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Pet Dog Surrender (Bangalore)

Surrender Process Please fill this form for the surrender for a pet dog http://store.strays.in/product/vosd-pet-dog-surrender/ Once you make the payment we will coordinate with you about the pick up of the dog. Your contribution is a fraction of the cost of the lifetime nutritional and medical requirements of the dog and it is an 80G contribution. Your contribution is also the acceptance of the terms of surrender that are given explicitly in the surrender form. We do not adopt out dogs so the dog remains with us for life.Read More
Renal failure I Symptoms & Treatment I VOSD Dog Care

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Kidney (renal) failure in Dogs

Identifying and treating Kidney (renal) failure What is kidney/ renal failure in dogs? The inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood is kidney failure. The bodies of animals produce toxins all day, everyday, and the toxins circulate to the kidneys to be dissolved in water, filtered out and excreted through urination. Kidney (renal) failure occurs when a dog’s kidneys are no longer able to remove waste and concentrate urine. The build-up of toxins produces the signs and symptoms of poisoning – called uremic poisoning. Kidney failureRead More
Rakesh Shukla I Founder VOSD & TWB_ I VOSD Dog Sanctuary | TEDx

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Are ticks on dogs serious?

Are ticks serious? What should you do to stop them Ticks are very bad news – for any dog –  they often cause tick fever and many times it is fatal. A single tick that has tick fever can create an epidemic in a defined dog population. Causes & symptoms  Ticks are external parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts. The dog keeps scratching as the ticks attach themselves and feed on it’s blood. Identification  To see if there is tick infestation feel the dog’s coat against the grain with your fingers as youRead More
VOSD Tick and Flea protection
Identifying & treating wet eczema / hot spots / acute moist dermatitis Acute moist dermatitis is commonly called wet eczema (we’ll refer to it as wet eczema). It appears as a spontaneous eruption on the skin as a small area that appears red, irritated, and inflamed. It generally appears as a patch but can also be in the form of a stripe running across the torso of the dog. It can occur in any breed but is very common in Golden and Labrador retrievers. It can be found anywhere onRead More
Reporting Puppies |Ricky with Rakesh Shukla VOSD

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Ricky the rickets survivor & VOSD muscelman

Ricky’s Amazing Transformation Ricky came to VOSD Dog Sanctuary as a thin dog with severe rickets. Look at his transformation now! Didn’t we tell you VOSD is a magical place? 💖 He now has a strong upper body and legs and he is naughty boy who keeps stealing food from all the other dogs! Ricky is given VOSD SuperFood , The only product in India with the goodness of Spirulina and pure egg protein. Suitable for dogs having difficulty in consuming sufficient feed to meet protein requirements to gain muscle – particularly whenRead More
Husna and friends , the snout-less VOSD Dogs

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Journalists looking for VOSD information

Contact details for Journalists If you are a journalist or a news organisation you can get in touch with VOSD: Beena M / beena  at vosd.in / info@vosd.in Facebook: https://facebook.com/vosd.in / Twitter: @VOSD1 / Web: www.vosd.inRead More