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AWS Animal Welfare Society
Investigation by Levin, Suhas Jayashankara Somayaji & Kelly Johnson carried out from April 2011 through July 2011. Report by Rakesh Shukla. All photo’s and footage are original. Animal Welfare Society (AWS) is a Hyderabad based NGO and has Dr.Srinivasulu as its chairperson. AWS joined the ABC project in October 2010 as the BBMP wanted to involve more teams to achieve the target number of surgeries. AWS methods have been highlighted and questioned at several fora including of gross neglect and unlawful and illegal behavior from time to time, including toRead More
Watch the video of a Stray Dog illegally relocated to Banaswadi railway station – attacked and blinded [flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO7HOGqOgZg 320 240] This is report of Levin’s 1st hand experience of the last few days in Bangalore, and already shared with Dr Parvez Piran, Dir. Animal husbandry, BBMP. It clearly shows that the illegal relocation of the dogs in Bangalore has become usual practice. This also shows the barbaric results of such relocation not only for dogs but also for humans as the conflict between dogs for territory on relocation actually increasesRead More