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This article published on 22nd June, 2012 is reprinted with permission by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ with minor edits and formatting changes but no ‘editorial’ changes. This article shows clearly that while there is a clear lawful demarcation of buffalo and cow meat and only cow meat can be termed beef, and while beef export is banned from India – in actual practice there is flourishing trade of both buffalo and cow meat locally and for exports with full knowledge and connivance of the Union of India and itsRead More
Sources of the text and pictures: Gadhimai Festival on Wikipedia, Enrico Fabian’s eyewitnes account of Gadhimai 2009, Richard Bull’s eyewitness account of Gadhimai 2009 Gadhimai Mela is considered the biggest single animal sacrifice on our planet. This centuries-old tradition is observed every five years in Gadhimai premises located in the village of Bariyapur of Bara District of Nepal near the border with India. In the 2009 ‘festival’ at between 250,000 – 500,000 animals were sacrificed. The next Gadhimai Mela will be in 2013! About 5 million people participate in theRead More
This article is authored by Ms Radha Rajan, the editor of and is reprinted here with her permission. The original article can be see here All contact sport – man versus man, man versus animal and animal versus animal is raw human violence in action; violence barely held in check and which even the force of ‘civilization’ has failed to eliminate. Bloodier-the-better is the governing tenet of all such contact sport. Hunting – forest animals, whales, seals, dogs, cats, rats and cockroaches, is not even the subject of thisRead More
[The Voice of Stray Dogs investigation report] We’ve written about the correlation of dogs with garbage repeatedly, and its known that dogs and illegal meat shops and slaughter don’t mix. But what of a meat and a dog market within one building! How does that one look like? Pretty much anyone who’s familiar with Bangalore would be familiar with Russell Market – a quaint old building selling flowers, fruits and vegetables in a 90 yr old building. Quintessentially Indian. Quintessentially Bangalore. At the end of this and at a 90 degreeRead More
As a mark of ‘affluence’ increasingly there are camels being sacrificed by the rich at the time of Bakr-Id in India. Is this purely a personal choice or does the State have a say in it?       Judgement of the Kerala high Court: Siraj vs District Collector / Judgment of Mr Justice K. Balakrishnan NairRead More
“Romancing the Bastards” is about animals Amit Chaudhary has known (dogs included). For those who know him, know him for his rapier sharp wit and chiseled words. For those who don’t Amit Chaudhery has held country CEO and CXO positions for several Indian and multinational corporations including Motorola, Text 100, ITC Limited, Amway and consults for a California based communications firm, ROI Communications. Chaudhery’s second life is that of an absentee farmer, writer, speaker, controlled vagabond and activist. NB: This text is excerpted from ‘Romancing the Bastards’ by Amit Chaudhery. No partRead More
This is the humane culling BBMP and SDFB talks about
On 1 July 2011 there was an unfortunate incident, and a mutilated body of a 2 yr old boy was found in New Yelahanka Town, Bangalore. The headlines in most papers immediately put the blame on dogs and gave rise again to calls for ending the ‘stray dog menace’ of Bangalore. It is noteworthy that dog population in Delhi and many other cities is higher or comparable, and yet Bangalore dogs are blamed for vicious ‘pack behavior’, then they must be either more ferocious than the dogs of rest ofRead More