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Where’s the Beef? The truth about India’s Beef Industry by Dr Krishen Kak (IAS)

This article published on 22nd June, 2012 is reprinted with permission by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ with minor edits and formatting changes but no ‘editorial’ changes. This article shows clearly that while there is a clear lawful demarcation of buffalo and cow meat and only cow meat can be termed beef, and while beef export is banned from India – in actual practice there is flourishing trade of both buffalo and cow meat locally and for exports with full knowledge and connivance of the Union of India and its state. You can see previous article on cow slaughter and transportation by searching on the search box above.

Circulating over the web are many nauseatingly gruesome videos of cows in India being trucked to slaughter, and of slaughter. Their meat is commonly called “beef”, and this essay raises questions of the what and where, in India, is “beef”. Government looks the other way and boasts that we have the largest leather and meat export in the world. As you will see in this essay when our “government looks the other way”, it is legitimate for Indians to ask “where’s the beef?” because the Indian State refuses to see it. It is legitimate to ask

  • Why the Government of India and so many State governments connive in the illegal slaughtering of cattle and the illegal trade in beef.
  • Why the Indian State has so conspicuously failed to implement Article 48 of the Constitution.
  • Why the Government of India and so many State governments turn a nelsonian eye to the stomach-churningly cruel and generally clandestine domestic beef industry and the stomach-churningly cruel and totally illegal beef export from India.
  • Why the Indian State so conspicuously fails to implement Article 51A(g) of the Constitution.
  • The major domestic and export markets for Indian beef are the beef-eating cultures to the politico-religious sensibilities of which the Indian State displays a craven and pseudo-secular sensitivity.
  • Why the Indian State restrains itself from the aggressive promotion of swine husbandry and pork marketing because of beef-eating religions that consider the pig profane, but does not restrain itself from the aggressive promotion of the bovine meat industry even though a much larger number of Indians consider the cow sacred

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