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VOSD Media kit

If you are a journalist or a news organisation you can get in touch with VOSD: Sangeeta Velegar (Bangalore) / Beena Malikaveetil (Pune) / Email: Facebook: Twitter: @VOSD1 Web: www.vosd.inRead More
Rakesh Shukla I Founder VOSD & TWB I VOSD Dog Sanctuary
In yet another world first –  The Voice of Stray Dogs  released a new Android App. The app is officially released as Release ChammC Corp 1.0. This one brings all the power of the VoSD CRM 3.0 to the hands on the VoSD Rescue team and field staff! The app requires authentication and can’t be used by a non-VoSD CRM User if installed on their phones. This is the 2nd VoSD Android App. The first called ChammC v1.0 is already available on the Android Store. ChammC 1.0 is meant for the generalRead More
The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue, Release ChammC Version 1.0
The worlds first app for stray dog rescue “The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App (Release ChammC version 1.0)” is released on the Google Play Store. The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App integrates with the world’s most sophisticated rescue response system – The VoSD Rescue CRM v3.0.  “The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App (Release ChammC version 1.0)” can be downloaded from the Google Play Store hereThrough the app users can request for rescue of stray dogs in Bangalore. The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App (Release ChammC v1.0) allows users to: GenerateRead More
It is said that India has 2 affects on people: those who love it as they experience it, and those who can’t wait to get away. And it is also said of people on a journey that they can choose to bring themselves to a point on a map on a jet plane and jet out and refer to what they saw from the taxi glass window as experience. Or they walk it and experience life in the new place for themselves. Meet William Pitt-Thacker & Tom Cornish. They planRead More
What I vocalize here is not a new thought, this is with which we started and I have shared this in person with colleagues and VoSD Board members from time to time. But maybe for the 1st time being put out as 1 picture for everyone else. An year back VoSD was started on these premises: The nature of information. VoSD is an attempt to document what is happening and what has happened to our dogs, my dogs, in Bangalore and everywhere else. Many many very learned people have said ‘why do you want toRead More
The entire proceedings of the conference including presentations and video’s of speakers will be made available here. This is the 4th video of  the proceedings being available for activists for Stray Dogs to leverage on.Read More
The entire proceedings of the conference including presentations and video’s of speakers will be made available here. This is the 2nd  edition of the this information being available for Activists for Stray Dogs to leverage on. Proceedings of The Voice of Stray Dogs Conference & Panel Discussion on Catalyzing Activism for Stray Dogs, Bangalore, 26 May 2012: Introduction by Rakesh Shukla, Founder, The Voice of Stray DogsRead More

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‘Street Dogs’ by Traer Scott

All Photo © Traer Scott and from Traer Scott’s book ‘Street Dogs’ (Merrell, 2007).  Photo’s used by permission of Traer Scott by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. We’d earlier featured here book ‘Shelter Dog’ (Merrell, 2006). Traer Scott is a Rhode Island based photographer and author of the bestselling books Shelter Dogs (Merrell Publishers 2006), and Street Dogs (October 2007). She specializes in narrative and editorial portraiture and animal photography. Her work has been featured in dozens of other national and international publications. This stunning follow-up to Merrell’s bestseller ShelterRead More