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Kashmir is no place for stray dogs: They are indeed pariah’s. Part III of a multipart photo feature on Srinagar, Kashmir’s dogs

This is Part III of a multipart photo feature on Srinagar, Kashmir’s dogswhich gives an insight into where and how they really live.

Kashmir has the tradition of ‘Kashmiriyat’. An etiquette and manner and tolerance uniquely Kashmiri. But Kashmir also has the ‘tradition’ of killing dogs by poisoning them every summer. Much the same way they are in Kerala. To keep the streets relatively free for the ‘tourist’. Issues related to stray dogs in Kashmir, and related to stray dogs in Kerala have been reflected on these pages many a time.

Dogs of Srinagar, Kashmir: Rainawari graveyard II

The reports that come from Kashmir will make you believe that Srinagar, and the rest of Kashmir is overrun by large dog moving around in packs that attack humans on sight. Dogs so aggressive and ferocious humans cringe away and walk in fear – always giving them a wide berth. This, coupled with the fact that there are hardly any accounts available on the dogs themselves in the valley.  This summer  Prof Sonya Ghosh went to Kashmir just to be able to see and observe Srinagar’s dogs! These are her pictures.


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