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Rabies and Tetanus Vaccination | VOSD Blog

Posted On April 20, 2018By straysadminIn Vet Advice

Rabies and Tetanus vaccinations

Critical information on Rabies and Tetanus vaccinations The simple fact is Rabies and Tetanus have NO CURES, have 100% human fatality after symptoms appear and both lead to excruciatingly painful deaths. Rabies and Tetanus can only be prevented. Rabies is transferred from the saliva of the infected dog. Any bites that draw blood need to addressed immediately. Rabies vaccines are painless shot that is given in the arm, not in your abdomen like in old times. Tetanus develops through wound contamination and often involves a cut or puncture wound. It takesRead More
Parvo | VOSD Blog

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Treating Canine Distemper

Critical things to know about Canine Distemper: It is one of the most frequent killers of stray and pet dogs and fatality is very high It is deadly and very common. So you might miss a rabies shot but don’t miss one for Distemper The first line of defence for a dog is ‘vaccinations’ If you suspect distemper get to a vet quickly that will give treatment. Left on its own and most treatment that average vets provide your dog will die Don’t let your vet determine by ‘examination’ andRead More