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Rakesh Shukla I Founder VOSD & TWB I VOSD Dog Sanctuary

Posted On April 16, 2018By straysadminIn Vet Advice

The essential medical kit

The essential medical kit If you have a dog, or rescue dogs, keep a treatment kit handy with you with the following essential supplies: Basic medical supplies Melonex 7.5 mg tabs ALWAYS give with a Rantac tab to prevent acidity buildup Melonex inj Tremedol inj. 2 units – stronger painkiller Botropase inj 2 units (prevents excessive bleeding) Vitamin K inj 2 units (prevents excessive bleeding) Rantac inj. 5 units (prevents hyperacidity) Emset inj. 5 units (prevents vomiting) Atropine inj 2 units (prevents excess salivation) Dexa inj 2 units (prevents theRead More