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water 4 VOSD Dog Sanctuary

Posted On April 24, 2019By straysadminIn Campaigns, VOSD Blog

Water for VOSD Dog Sanctuary

WATER FOR VOSD We are facing severe drought at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary. Our 2 water ponds have dried up and we have just 1 source of water left – a borewell, which is also sputtering. Please donate generously so we can immediately dig alternate bore-wells and bring water for our 800 dogs, 7 horses and 7 cows. To donate please visit: If you are outside India, you can donate here:   Your INR donations will get 80 G exemption in India. Please donate today! If you’reRead More
VOSD Donation Appeal

Posted On July 31, 2018By straysadminIn Campaigns, VOSD Blog


Life in India is changing fast, but not fast enough for our street dogs. Haven’t you felt sad looking at the dogs in street? The terror. The hunger. The emptiness. Haven’t you wondered how could make it better. The best hope is for one to be rescued. But a rescued dog waits for either of 2 things – to get adopted or die waiting. Each ‘shelter’ or rescue has a limited geographical footprint. Could it be any different? Well, VOSD makes a difference by supporting rescuers and rescue efforts acrossRead More