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VOSD Tick and Flea protection

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Ticks & Flea Protection Ever wondered how we keep our 750+ dogs at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary tick & flea free? The grooming and tick & flea prevention dog care products we use for our dogs are the ones you see on the VOSD Dog Care brand store here https://rescuebyvosd.com/collections/cleansing With the knowhow of delivering over 250,000 treatments ourselves, we produce products with best ingredients sourced from around the world to produce products meant for long term use and proven long term efficacy. If it’s not good enough for our dogs, it’sRead More
Superfood VOSD

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Super Food for Dogs While you may think the food for your dog is ‘wholesome’ and ‘nutritious’ and as recommended by your vet – chicken & rice meals, roti & milk or kibble/ dog food (especially kibble) is not a complete source of nutrition! No food has all the vitamins, minerals & proteins. Humans complete this gap with the ‘variety’ of foods we eat – dogs can’t. The body can’t produce “essential” fatty acids and “essential” amino acids required for protein synthesis and other essential bodily functions that are criticalRead More
VOSD Organic All in one lotion
VOSD ESSENTIALS™: THE EFFECTIVE 360° PROTECTION FROM TICKS, FLEAS AND MANGE IN 1 SIMPLE PACK Confused about asking vets or friends about how to keep your dog healthy if you are a new or even an experienced dog owner? VOSD is unique because not only do we create the best dog care products out there, they are based on our deep experience of caring for 750+ permanent dogs, giving critical care to 7500+ dogs and giving 250,000+ overall medical treatments. The one thing critical to your dogs’ long-term health is keeping him freeRead More
VOSD Superfood

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VOSD Dog Care product: Superfood

SUPERFOODS FOR DOGS: For tissue regeneration, muscle growth and joint care All natural/ organic supplements made of 100% pure (1) Superfood: Fish + Egg protein + Spirulina The only product in India with the goodness of Spirulina and pure egg protein. Suitable for dogs having difficulty in consuming sufficient feed to meet protein requirements to gain muscle – particularly when they are recuperating. This Superfood promotes hair and skin growth. 100% NATURAL PROTEIN FOR DAILY USE For use as a daily supplement or long-term recovery and maintenance. Contains Fish Protein (60g) +Read More

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VOSD Dog Care™ products: Refer a Friend

Refer your friends and win fabulous discounts for yourself and your friends! 20% OFF on  VOSD Dog Care™ products when you refer 5 friends and their dogs to VOSD. The best part is they get 15% OFF their purchases too! How can you avail this offer? No payments. No obligations. All you need to do is fill out this form https://goo.gl/eyYDRW    Read More
TICK & FLEA SEASON HAS BEGUN Did you know the ticks are the No. 1 vector for mortality of dogs at home? Stay safe following a simple regimen to keep tick & flea away from your dog: (1) Shampoo your dog: periodically with a tick & flea shampoo that contains Cypermethrin™ (2) Use a tick & flea Fipronil™ based lotion is there is an infestation or probability of infestation. Remember the eggs will hatch in a week so repeat usage is necessary to break the cycle (3) When the dogRead More