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Vir Das | Comedy | India | VOSD

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Vir Das for VOSD in Mumbai

Vir Das , India’s India’s highest selling comedian supports VOSD Vir Das will do a preview of his new NetFlix Special in aid of VOSD.  BUY TICKETS HERE: https://bit.ly/2IyAwUN Date: 6 July at 08 PM–10 PM Venue: St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra. Mumbai, Maharashtra. All proceeds from this event will go to The Voice of Stray Dogs – VOSD. Share this post with all your family and friends in Mumbai! Big thanks Vir Das for supporting VOSD and  #TheVoiceof800Dogs! The Facebook Event Page is here #Virdas #VOSD #TheVoiceof800Dogs  #Comedy #Mumbai #Dogs#LoveIsAVerb  Read More
Rakesh Shukla I Founder VOSD & TWB I VOSD Dog Sanctuary

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Pet Dog Surrender (Bangalore)

Surrender Process Please fill this form for the surrender for a pet dog http://store.strays.in/product/vosd-pet-dog-surrender/ Once you make the payment we will coordinate with you about the pick up of the dog. Your contribution is a fraction of the cost of the lifetime nutritional and medical requirements of the dog and it is an 80G contribution. Your contribution is also the acceptance of the terms of surrender that are given explicitly in the surrender form. We do not adopt out dogs so the dog remains with us for life.Read More
Crowdfunding for dogs of VOSD Husna Campaign

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Rescued Dog Surrender

Process to Surrender a Rescued Dog You’ll need to follow this link for the Rescued Dog Surrender form: http://store.strays.in/?product=surrendering-a-bangalore-rescued-indian-or-pedigree-dog The contribution you make online goes towards the cost of the lifetime care of the dog — food, supplements, veterinary support and medication. Once that’s completed, someone from our team will get in touch with you to pick up the dog. Please expect delay in response as we don’t have dedicated manpower to manage our online order systems.Read More
Rakesh Shukla I Founder VOSD & TWB I VOSD Dog Sanctuary

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Registering as a VOSD Volunteer

Volunteering with VOSD This page can now be found here! Once you complete the process VOSD will be in touch with you to find the best fit for your time. We accept very few volunteers after strict scrutiny and filling the volunteer form is no guarantee that VOSD will accept you as a volunteer.Read More
Rakesh Shukla I Founder VOSD & TWB I VOSD Dog Sanctuary

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Visiting the VOSD Sanctuary

VOSD has no ‘office’ you can visit us. Conversations are strictly in the electronic form through email – info@vosd.in VOSD Sanctuary: VOSD has a philosophical construct of not leaving any dog behind and the dogs that can’t be released after treatment (at our partner’s facility) choose to stay with us. Which means we have to keep these dogs. We only have dogs that do not have a place to go, and when multiple attempts to find them homes from multiple agencies have failed. Why can’t you visit VOSD Dog Sanctuary casually?Read More
Reporting Puppies |Ricky with Rakesh Shukla VOSD

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Reporting puppies to VOSD

VOSD does not accept puppies for the reasons mentioned below.  VOSD only accepts dogs within the terms defined in the VOSD Standard Operating Procedure v3.0 (also given here https://goo.gl/SfcTDy) As you can see this does not include pups or a whole litter. We have hundreds of gravely ill and injured dogs and pups have very high mortality in such an environment and we can’t endanger them any further. As and when we are able to isolate the pups from the adult dogs and carry out with such rescue this will be announced onRead More
Registering Rescue | Rakesh Shukla_VOSD Aug 2017
VOSD Dog Care does not have a helpline number. We do not have Emergency Rescue Services.  For all your queries, write to us at info@vosd.in    You can still register a rescue call with us for all dog cases which are not urgent. We work with our partner team Enablers United to support dog rescue and treatment cases. You can also surrender your pet dog or rescued dog to VOSD Sanctuary through the below mentioned links. Make sure to read all the information on the VOSD Store before raising theRead More
Registering Rescue | Rakesh Shukla_VOSD Aug 2017

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Basics of bringing in another dog into your home

It is natural for the first dog to try and protect is territory but it’s great that you are wanting to find a solution of them being together. The dogs need to learn that they are together and that you are the boss. The simplest, easiest way to reinforce that is walking them on a leash. Walk them on either side of you, keep the leash short so they can’t go across you and lunge. Walk them as many times in a day and for as long as you can.Read More
VOSD Dog Food Contract 2018

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VOSD the Bangalore-based non-profit which is the world’s largest no-kill dog rescue and sanctuary announced that it is planning a shift from the present system of supplying food & evaluating vendors to supply food for the dogs in its care and has released a tender/RFP that asks for 120 tons of dog food p.a. to be supplied to its sanctuary near Bangalore (India). ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ aka VOSD is the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary & rescue based in Bangalore, India. VOSD is a registered 12A trust. VOSDRead More