About VOSD Publishing


VOSD Publishing Guidelines:

We collect, analyse and disseminate data that can help form civil, municipal, government and legal opinion, and aid in the better implementation of animal protection laws.

Our content is factual and duly supported by record. We do not rely on hearsay or publish unverified content.

We believe that the dissemination of data that is our objective, is for the public good, because it is intended to secure improved implementation of animal protection laws, and because it can promote co-existence, and the compassion for all life forms, which the Constitution of India has cast upon all citizens, collectives, and all agencies and instrumentality of the State, as a Fundamental Duty.

All content pertaining to, and opinions expressed, regarding the conduct of public servants in the discharge of their public functions, or the conduct of any person/s touching any public question/s, is posted or expressed, strictly in good faith, and limited to the concerned public function or the public question only.

Since it is not our intention, whether directly or indirectly, to lower the moral or intellectual character of any person or entity, or lower the character of any person or entity in respect of his/its calling, or lower the credit of that person/entity, or to otherwise defame any person or entity, The Voice of Stray Dogs, if wrongfully sued by any person or entity, whether governmental or non-governmental, shall contest all unwarranted actions strongly, and may also counter-sue for malicious prosecution, if so advised.