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Article by Rakesh Shukla What’s stray dog’s got to do with garbage? Everything – its what they survive on. Its food! When I started working ‘with’ dogs a few years back – it was only love for ‘my’ dogs. Then I realized that my dogs, or the dogs around me are not the only dogs that need help – so I started working ‘for’ dogs. Since the issue that melded this was a now discredited attempt by Bangalore civic, administrative and police authorities to hold stray dogs responsible for the death ofRead More
“X Marks the spot” is a collaborative ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs‘ project using Google Maps to mark all areas in Bangalore which have either have an ‘Open garbage dump area’ or ‘BBMP open garbage segregation area’. ‘Open garbage dump areas’ (shown in blue) are areas where residents throw garbage in the open and it is not a collection/segregation BBMP center ‘BBMP open garbage segregation areas’ (shown in pink) are areas where BBMP’s garbage collectors dump garbage out in the open to it to be segregated later. Either way, garbage is lyingRead More