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Are ticks on dogs serious?

Are ticks serious? What should you do to stop them Ticks are very bad news – for any dog –  they often cause tick fever and many times it is fatal. A single tick that has tick fever can create an epidemic in a defined dog population. Causes & symptoms  Ticks are external parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts. The dog keeps scratching as the ticks attach themselves and feed on it’s blood. Identification  To see if there is tick infestation feel the dog’s coat against the grain with your fingers as youRead More
TICK & FLEA SEASON HAS BEGUN Did you know the ticks are the No. 1 vector for mortality of dogs at home? Stay safe following a simple regimen to keep tick & flea away from your dog: (1) Shampoo your dog: periodically with a tick & flea shampoo that contains Cypermethrin™ (2) Use a tick & flea Fipronil™ based lotion is there is an infestation or probability of infestation. Remember the eggs will hatch in a week so repeat usage is necessary to break the cycle (3) When the dogRead More