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Part II – BBMP and SDFB have always colluded. In 2007 Bangalore Municipal Corporation started an illegal Dog Cull. On a live CNN-IBN interview in early 2007  a shameless BBMP and Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) sing the same tune. The BBMP’s white lie of putting together any sort of effective ABC program was apparent in 2007. 4 years they moved the Supreme Court that ABC does not work at all. In the interview the then BBMP Dy Commissioner says they have not killed dogs – other than on ‘complaints’.Read More
Read the draft of the writ prepared by Stray Dog Free Bangalore & Almitra Patel in the Supreme Court of India at New Delhi (extraordinary civil writ jurisdiction) civil writ petition of 2002. Read More
The proximity of BBMP (earlier called BMP and BMC before that) and that of the anti-stray-dog lobby lead by “Stray Dog Free Bangalore” (SDFB) is baffling. This footage is from 3 March 2001  when Start/ NDTV covered the birth of SDFB – which was inaugurated by the then Mayor of Bangalore! And get this – the brain behind SDFB Diana Bharucha (on camera) clearly states that the  solution is ‘elimination of stray dogs’ and nothing else – something that they now say they never said. The BMP Mayor who inauguratedRead More
Location of the dog bite in Bangalore
Selva the 4 year old dog bitten by the stray dog Newsreports including The Times of India on 8 Jan 2012 said that stray dogs attacked a 4-year old and mauled his face. The rest of these reports paraphrase the ‘dog menace’ in Bangalore and refer to earlier such incidents. The worst kind of yellow journalism. Watch ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ investigation in video and in this alternate report. The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) reached the location on 9 Jan 2012. The team noticed that all the dogsRead More
In the recent weeks there have been news reports that former corporator M Pari has filed a case against the BBMP in the Lokayukta court. The complaint seeks an inquiry into the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme, which is being carried out from 2001.  And that  BBMP commissioner Mr. Siddaiah has been asked to implement recommendations of the report submitted by Dr MK Sudarshan in May 2007.   The KIMS reports’ ‘analysis’ by its authors clearly seems motivated since the ‘data’ in the report and from BBMP clearly shows that onRead More
In 2001 “Stray Dog Free Bangalore” and others filed a PIL alleging stray dog menace in Bangalore City and sought the relief asking the BBMP to act under Karnataka Municipal Corporation to detain and destroy ALL dogs. WRIT PETITION NO. 37359/2001, TITLED ‘STRAY DOG FREE BANGALORE & (27) OTHERS VS STATE OF KARNATAKA AND (2) OTHERS’, AND WRIT PETITION NO. 1970/2001, TITLED ‘SUBHASHINI K. REDDY VS COMMISSIONER BMP & (2) OTHERS’ Some of the other petitioners included Richards Town Citizens Association, The Defence Colony Residents Association, HAL III Stage 1st BlockRead More
This gut wrenching picture comes from Vikas. The incident is of the night of 8th & 9th Aug 2011. This is near where he stays in Brookefields, Bangalore next to the Kundanahalli petrol station. She was in a group of about 20 dogs that Vikas has been feeding everyday for the last 2 years. They’d gather around feeding time and go their separate ways afterwords. She was one of the tail wagging community dogs – happy to be living and getting a meal. Vikas had been feeding her for 1Read More
The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism – a letter to the Parsi side of Diana Bharucha of Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB) Written by Ms Persis Master, a Parsee on 16 July 2010 this is an open letter appealing to Ms Diana Bharucha (a fellow Parsee and the Convenor, Founder and the voice of Stray Dog Free Bangalore (SDFB)  [an organization vocally against any strays in the city of Bangalore and taking a a consistent exptreme view that strays and people can’t co-exist and allRead More