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Skin disease in Dogs

Types of ‘bugs’ that cause skin disease There are 4 types of things that would cause skin disease in a dog.  All conditions (other than truly auto immune conditions) can be completely reversed. Please note however that most severe itching and skin loss causes secondary bacterial and fungal infections too so the disease may not be only one – but the cause has to be addressed for the dog to get better. Bugs that are called ectoparasites (literally the things that live on the outside i.e. in the hair). TheseRead More
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Identification and Treatment of Mange

Identification and Treatment of Mange: Sarcoptic (red) & Demodectic (demodecosis) mange Mange is a type of inflammatory skin disease caused by tiny parasitic mites on dogs. Nearly all dogs carry mites in small numbers throughout their lives. Generally, a dog’s immune system is sufficient to keep the number of mites low and prevent noticeable symptoms. In cases of mange, however, the population of mites grows out of control. Large colonies of mites can cause skin lesions, hair loss, and even immune system problems. Dogs can contract two forms of mangeRead More
Ivermectin is wrongly used 99% of the time including by vets. It is reno-toxic too. It’s oral/injectible use is only in the case of mange, however, both sarcoptic and demodectic mange are far less common than other skin diseases. When to use Ivermectin? Know more about Ivermectin use and managing the skin issues of your dog on if you still have a query unresolved simply ask us a question by writing to us at We make dogs happy! Further action Know more about skin diseases in dogs onRead More