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The Supreme Court of India pronounced a landmark judgment in the matter titled “Animal Welfare Board of India Versus A. Nagaraja & Ors.”, and allied appeals and petitions, on the 7th of May, 2014. The use of bulls and bullocks in performances such as Jallikattu, bullock cart racing, etc., was banned. In articles that will follow, we shall focus on the judgment itself, and how those of us that wish to, can use it as powerful precedent to help animals. Through this article we’re releasing, with permission, a part ofRead More
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There has been a battle raging for many years (see bottom of this article for previous VoSD articles) between the horribly abused Jallikattu bulls and the bullocks used for cart racing, and those that were using them ostensibly for “sport” and to “perpetuate tradition” & “showcase rich cultural heritage”. Finally the bulls and the bullocks have won!   In a landmark, historic judgment passed at 10.30 a.m. today (7th May), in petitions and appeals pending before it since the year 2007 and onwards, a bench of the Apex Court ofRead More
As with the other writing on ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’, unless otherwise specified the writing expresses the opinion of  The Voice of Stray Dogs, and not necessarily that of individual VoSD Board members since individual comment/ contribution and consent is neither sought nor received. Here we examine whether this could it be Tamilnadu politics or just the sheer incompetence of the AWBI management, or both, that in case after case AWBI either fails to represent the animals adequalty or in case such as Kashmir and Punjab, fails to representsRead More
HOW THE BULLS IN TAMILNADU LOST THE JALLIKATTU BATTLE and in the same time THE BULLS IN PUNJAB WON IN KILA RAIPUR THE DIFFERENCE IS POLITICAL & BUREAUCRATIC WILL   JALLIKATTU – INTRODUCTION, AND AN OVERVIEW : Jallikattu, or  Eruthazhuvuthal, or  Manju Virattu is a controversial bull taming event that takes place in Tamil Nadu as a part of the Pongal celebrations. It is one of the most ancient ‘sports’ that continues till day and age despite increasing controversy and opposition surrounding it. In fact, Jallikattu is increasingly regarded atRead More
Report on Violations / Animal Abuse at Jallikattu – The South Indian Festival Of  Bull ‘Taming’ Events witnessed on: 15-01-2012 Avaniyapuram, District : Madurai;16-01-2012 Periyasuriyur, District : Trichi; 16-01-2012 Palamedu; District: Madurai;17-01-2012 Allanganalur,  District: Madurai Report Submitted to: The Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai Report Submitted by Manoj Oswal, Animal Welfare Officer (Hon), AWBI On  Jan 25, 2012                       While it is not possible to conduct animal sport like Jallikattu without causing trauma and cruelty to animals, itRead More
This article is authored by Ms Radha Rajan, the editor of www.vigilonline.com and is reprinted here with her permission. The original article can be see here All contact sport – man versus man, man versus animal and animal versus animal is raw human violence in action; violence barely held in check and which even the force of ‘civilization’ has failed to eliminate. Bloodier-the-better is the governing tenet of all such contact sport. Hunting – forest animals, whales, seals, dogs, cats, rats and cockroaches, is not even the subject of thisRead More